Reynolds Dunks On Working Families While Iowa Dems Put A Full Court Press On Politics


As the state of Iowa and the entire country prepare to watch the Iowa Hawkeyes tip off in tonight’s elite eight rematch versus LSU, Progress Iowa is releasing two brackets: the Amazing Eight and Awful Eight. The brackets break down the best and worst of public policy in 2024. 

Even in a year where the headlines were dominated by perennial problematic policymakers like Governor Reynolds and a legislative majority that should have been benched years ago, there were game plans drawn up that would improve our state. 

Taking the number one seed in the Amazing Eight is adding reproductive freedom to the Iowa Constitution. And, headlining the Awful Eight bracket with the number one seed is the plan to gut Area Education Agencies and the services they provide for students and families. That drew thousands of jeers from every corner of the state.

Progress Iowa Executive Director Matt Sinovic issued the following statement along with the bracket release:

“The last few months we have watched Governor Kim Reynolds and the GOP-led legislature put up one brick after another, consistently missing the mark. They legalized religious discrimination, attacked worker’s rights (again), and took support services away from families with special needs. It has been a gut-wrenching legislative session for Iowa families who want a better future for their children.

“Meanwhile, Iowa Democrats and a bipartisan coalition of legislators opposed many of the Awful Eight proposals doing their best to defend against the persistent attacks. Iowa Dems fought for our right to abortion and to go to the doctor without political interference, to retire with dignity, and to send our kids to quality schools in our own neighborhood.

“Progress Iowa will keep putting on a full-court press to make sure Iowans know what our elected officials are up to and provide the assist to tell legislators what they really want to see for Iowa’s future. “

Click here or read below for this year’s brackets. And to fight back against this year’s Awful Eight or to cheer for the Amazing Eight, join Progress Iowa today.

Amazing Eight 

  1. Cementing reproductive freedom as a constitutional right (HJR 9, SJR 2001)
  2. Put the right to collectively bargain in Iowa’s Constitution (HJR 2003)
  3. Fully fund public schools to keep up with rising costs
  4. Legalizing Marijuana (HF 442)
  5. Retirement security for more Iowans (HF 2632)
  6. Enhanced penalties for stealing public money (HF 2453, SF 2143)
  7. Expanding preschool opportunities (SF 2383
  8. Raise the minimum wage to $15 per hour (HF 2293)

Awful Eight (plus one)

  1. Eliminate AEA mental health and special education services (SF 2386/HF 2612)
  2. Union busting bill targeting police, firefighters, teachers, and other public servants (SF 2374)
  3. Legalizing religious discrimination (SF 2095)
  4. Arming teachers in public and private schools (HF 2586)
  5. Lawsuit immunity for pesticide companies giving people cancer (SSB 3188)
  6. Removing gender identity from the Iowa Civil Rights Code (HF 2082)
  7. Underfunding K-12 Schools (HF 2613/SF 2258)
  8. Eliminating state board gender balance requirement (SF 2096)
  9. Silencing Iowans’ voices from public boards & commissions (SF 2385)