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How-To: Talk to your Conservative Uncle at 4th of July!

02 Jul 2015 (11:06 AM) — As you spend time with friends and family this holiday weekend, you know what’s coming: the conversation you can’t avoid with your conservative Uncle. He’ll usually corner you about the latest conspiracy theory invented by Rush Limbaugh, but this holiday might just be different ---> after the Supreme Court ruled in favor of same-sex marriage and upheld Obamacare last week, your conservative Uncle will probably be reeling in grief.

Sen. Grassley Out of Excuses on Restrepo Nomination

14 May 2015 (07:29 PM) — Sen. Grassley Out of Excuses on Restrepo Nomination; Iowa leaders call for immediate nomination hearing after Toomey submits 'blue slip'

Branstad, Republicans Push Corporate Takeover of Mental Health Care

08 May 2015 (04:56 PM) — Gov. Branstad has agreed to a deal that would lead to the corporate takeover of mental health services in Clarina and Mount Pleasant starting in early 2016. The deal would mean less oversight and potentially a reduction in the quality of care for mental health patients in Iowa.

Working Families Summit --- May 16th, Ames, Iowa

06 May 2015 (04:00 PM) —

Iowa Leaders Call on Sen. Grassley to Hold a Confirmation Hearing for Judge Restrepo

05 May 2015 (03:29 PM) — Iowa leaders call on Senator Grassley to stop playing politics with the judicial nomination of Felipe Restrepo.

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