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The Academy Awards of Extreme Iowa

22 Feb 2015 (11:17 AM) — Tonight, stars and celebrities will honor the best in movies over the past year. Today, Progress Iowa announced the winners of the 2015 Academy Awards of Extreme Iowa, in order to recognize and hold accountable Iowa's most extreme politicians.

ALEC proposals to gut public services, erode consumer protections move forward

19 Feb 2015 (01:40 PM) — Two ALEC proposals, one to gut public services, and another to erode consumer protections, have moved forward in the Iowa House. Progress Iowa distributed the enclosed information to Iowa Representatives today to educate them and the public about these harmful proposals.

Fact-Check: The Family Leader’s Gift of Misinformation

03 Feb 2015 (01:41 PM) — Bob Vander Plaats and The Family Leader are planning to distribute copies of David Barton’s “The Founders’ Bible” to every member of the Iowa legislature as part of their rally and lobby day – or as they recently put it, “war with Satan"

ALEC WATCH: New Report Details Corporate Influence in Iowa

27 Jan 2015 (11:40 AM) — Progress Iowa today released ALEC WATCH, in an ongoing effort to expose the work of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), and to empower Iowans to hold their elected leaders accountable.

200 school superintendents oppose Gov. Branstad's education plan

22 Jan 2015 (02:21 PM) — Gov. Branstad has received criticism for his proposal to give just a 1% increase for school funding this year, while asking for a 9% increase in his personal office budget. School administrators added to that criticism today, saying that if the Governor's plan is enacted, it could result in fired teachers, overcrowded classrooms, and outdated textbooks.

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