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BREAKING: 5 GOP Senators Vote Against Our Schools

03 Feb 2016 (04:27 PM) — This afternoon, 5 GOP leaders voted against our children and in favor of larger class sizes. Please contact these 5 GOP Senators and tell them to stop underfunding our schools

NEW SURVEY: Branstad, Iowa Republicans Out of Touch

29 Jan 2016 (02:25 PM) — According to a new scientific survey, Governor Branstad is increasingly unpopular, and he and Republicans in the state legislature are out of touch with their constituents.

Branstad forcing Iowa schools to “wait and see”

21 Dec 2015 (01:56 PM) — After promising to make Iowa schools the best in the nation, Governor Branstad and fellow Republicans have continued to fail our children and are robbing future generations of the quality education they deserve.

Column: Branstad and Reynolds: a record of broken promises

14 Dec 2015 (09:13 AM) — Governor Branstad and his lieutenant governor, Kim Reynolds, made four main promises to Iowans: job creation, income growth, support for education, and reducing government spending. They failed to keep any of these promises, and failed to reach a number of other goals as well. Branstad and Reynolds too often sound like a broken record, following the same pattern: making a promise, then breaking that promise, over and over (and over again).

Gov. Branstad’s Tax Giveaway Shows Failed Priorities

01 Dec 2015 (12:15 PM) — “While shutting down mental health care facilities, underfunding public schools and attempting to privatize Medicaid, Branstad continues to award special favors to friends and practice political cronyism. These aren’t Iowa values, and it isn’t the leadership Iowans deserve.”

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