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Equal Pay Can’t Wait. Hardworking Women Deserve Better.

12 Apr 2016 (04:21 PM) — “It is reprehensible and unacceptable that in the year 2016, women across the country continue to fight for equal pay. This is truly a no-brainer. It’s time to make equal pay a top priority in Iowa and across the nation”, said Matt Sinovic, Progress Iowa Executive Director. “In order to guarantee equal opportunities for future generations, we must act now and demand working women receive the wages they deserve. This is not a gender-specific issue. An investment in working women is an investment in working families. The pay gap is largest for women with advanced degrees. Pay should be based on education, experience and skill, not gender. We can do better. We should be ashamed as a nation, and it is past time to make equal pay one of our number one priorities.”


23 Mar 2016 (10:01 AM) — Immediately after the passing of Justice Scalia, Senator Grassley threatened to obstruct any Supreme Court nomination made to fill his seat. This week, Judge Merrick Garland was nominated by the President, and Senator Grassley reiterated his obstruction, and even compared meeting with Judge Garland to meeting with a ‘dictator.’

Why Courts Matter Iowa Coalition to Rally and Tell Grassley: Do Your Job

09 Mar 2016 (03:53 PM) — “Senator Grassley says he has his own copy of the constitution, but he sure doesn’t act like it," said Why Courts Iowa Coalition member Matt Sinovic. "Grassley continues to ignore his constituents and makes decisions based on partisan politics instead of our nation’s best interest. To sit on his hands while a branch of our government hangs in the balance is unacceptable, inexcusable and dangerous. Iowans deserve better. Our country deserves better. And Americans waiting for their day in court absolutely deserve better."

Iowans tell Senator Grassley - “Do Your Job” by Delivering 36,000 Copies of the Constitution to his offices

03 Mar 2016 (03:20 PM) — "As Iowans and as constituents, we think it’s important to let Senator Grassley know where we stand, " said Why Courts Iowa Coalition member Matt Sinovic. "The obstruction pursued by Grassley amounts to an assault on the Constitution written by our founders. As a result, we are left to wonder how long the Supreme Court will languish with eight justices and the possibility of 4-4 decisions."

Iowans in for Worst April Fools' Day Ever with Branstad Medicaid Privatization Plan

24 Feb 2016 (11:51 AM) — Unfortunately, Medicaid privatization isn't a joke or a prank. It's a dangerous scheme that jeopardizes the health care of thousands. The Branstad/Reynolds administration ignored public input during this process at every turn. They continue to show complete disregard for the well-being of everyday Iowans, instead catering to companies looking to profit off of Iowa's most vulnerable citizens.

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