2024 State of the Union Talking Points      

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In President Biden’s 2024 State of the Union, we expect him to discuss issues Iowans like you have advocated on for years. We know that corporate greed is out of control and the richest among us don’t pay what they owe like the rest of us. 

Biden has pushed legislation that would tackle corporate greed and put hardworking Iowans first. We’re sharing guidance based on tested strategies that align with the President’s vision and the needs of Iowans. In addition to the winning frames in the “Caring for Our Country & Communities” message guide please see the talking points below to add to your messaging around the State of the Union address. 

Talking Points: 

No matter what Iowans do for a living – nurses, farmers, small business owners – we work hard to help our communities and take care of our families. But paychecks aren’t keeping up with prices.

We need leaders who care about our whole lives. Leaders who work to grow the economy by raising incomes and lowering costs. Leaders who give working people the tools and fair chance needed to build a good life.

Biden knows the majority of us support the freedom to access abortion and make personal, private decisions without politicians interfering. He’s said himself, he’s ready to sign legislation that would enshrine the right to abortion in U.S. law and will not stop fighting to protect access to abortion care. A move that would ensure the health and safety of our families and our progress as a nation. 

President Biden is standing up to the wealthy corporations raising prices while making record profits and protecting our freedoms and schools, improving clean air and water, and rebuilding roads and bridges. He’s working to give all of us a fighting chance at a good life. 

By tackling junk fees, Biden is protecting our paychecks over profits for wealthy corporations. From concert tickets to rental agreements, Biden is increasing transparency while going after unnecessary costs wealthy companies and CEOs use to nickel and dime every day Americans. We need more leaders who fight to keep our cash in our  communities, not the pockets greedy CEOs and corporate landlords. 

Biden knows we need to increase competition to protect American workers, consumers and small businesses. We’re proud of our work and Biden knows we deserve respect and a proper income to grow our families and our futures. 

The American Rescue Plan, Inflation Reduction Act, and Bipartisan Infrastructure Act – all led by Biden – sent cash straight to Iowa communities. This funding helped many of us keep our health insurance during COVID and is building new infrastructure across Iowa, like the much needed broadband. By connecting everyone – every teacher, student and small business owner no matter where they live – we can educate our children, pursue our dreams and ensure our communities have the tools needed to innovate and get ahead. 

Biden is saving our families thousands of dollars by capping the cost of insulin at $35 a month for Medicare patients. Every single Republican, even our Iowa Congressional delegation, voted against this in the Inflation Reduction Act. The savings ensure folks on a fixed income have more to spend at grocery stores and around town, and on the things that matter most to them, like kids, grandkids, and visiting loved ones.

Democrats have fought for decades for Medicare negotiations on prescription drug costs – something the VA has seen saves money for patients and taxpayers. Thanks to Biden, Medicare has begun the negotiation process and keeps adding life saving medications to the list. Biden’s fight for affordable medicine is saving lives and money, giving retired workers the respect they deserve and helping them focus on family and community. 

Workers across the state and country can’t work enough to afford the price of groceries, housing and medicine today. We’re grateful Biden plans to take action to expand cost saving measures to help all Americans afford their medicine. 

We know Biden stands with working Americans. Both in the White House and on the picket line. He is the first President to join a union strike and is committed to fighting for us. If passed, Biden’s Billionaire Minimum Income Tax would end the scandal of billionaires and the richest among us from paying lower tax rates than teachers, nurses and firefighters – and sometimes nothing at all. It’s time to reward work, not wealth.  

Potential Responses to Criticisms:

The other side doesn’t want us focused on issues that truly help Iowa families – like minimum wage, workers rights and Medicare benefits. They’d rather distract us with attacks on our communities and kids to extend tax breaks for Jeff Bezos and Big Pharma while they cut Medicare and Social Security, and help tax cheats pay less than they owe. We don’t need politicians policing our bodies, bathrooms and classrooms. We need them to lower costs, incrase pay and keep our communities safe and supported. 

Iowa Republicans are playing politics with the Mexican border. If they were serious, they’d be in talks with President Biden to find a bipartisan solution that keeps people safe and cleans up the immigration system. Instead, they’re doing whatever former MAGA President Trump says to score cheap political points on our dime. They’re looking out for their own futures when they should be looking out for Iowans, our families and communities. 

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