MAGA Court Upends The Rule Of Law

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Progress Iowa Executive Director Matt Sinovic issued the following statement in response to the United States Supreme Court ruling that a former President has “absolute immunity” for core constitutional powers and “a presumption of immunity” for official acts:

“It’s no wonder views of the Supreme Court continue to sink. No matter their race, income or background, most Americans believe that no one is above the law. But multiple MAGA Justices are bought and paid for, just like the former MAGA President,, with well documented conflicts of interest and billionaire benefactors.”

“Iowans are fed up with political charades and corporate sellouts. We care about the rule of law and know all who planned, paid for and participated in the violent riot of January 6 must be held accountable. No one who breaks the law, including a former president, should be immune to the consequences. It’s decisions like this that remind us just how important it is to elect leaders who respect the will of the people and who put our families and nation over their own self interests.”