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The Iowa Supreme Court just ruled in favor of Gov. Reynolds and the Republican-controlled legislature’s six-week abortion ban. Now, we must fight back. Iowans overwhelmingly support the right to access abortion and we will be holding MAGA Republicans accountable for restricting our freedom. 


Iowans support each other and our right to make personal decisions. We know politicians should not interfere with our personal lives, our families and our right to access abortion. But now, extreme MAGA Justices who stand with Governor Reynolds approved her six-week abortion ban, before many even know they are pregnant. They are using everything they have to attack our freedoms. They won’t stop with this court ruling. They want a total ban on abortion, no exceptions. As supporters of abortion access, we are the majority and we aren’t going anywhere. It will take all of us in this fight to secure the freedom to be in charge of our bodies and safely care for ourselves, our families, and our communities. 


Iowans won’t let MAGA Republicans get away with taking our reproductive freedom. I’m ready to fight back. What about you? #Iowa

No one should have their reproductive decisions ripped away by politicians. Share if you will fight for abortion rights in 2024! #Iowa
We deserve the freedom to write our own future without politicians getting in the way. Share if you agree! #Iowa
Someone I love will need an abortion one day. But, our reproductive freedom has been taken away by MAGA politicians in Iowa. That’s why I will fight back in 2024. #Iowa
The majority of Iowans support reproductive freedom! That’s why we’ll NEVER forget the MAGA politicians who took away our reproductive freedom. PERIOD.


Regardless of what anti-abortion politicians or judges think, we know abortion is essential health care. If you or someone you know needs access to this care, consider these resources: 

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