launched, empowering Iowans to tell their stories


New site will encourage Iowans to join Progress Iowa’s research-based storytelling effort

Iowa’s progressive communications hub just launched a new website as a resource for those who want to share their stories and advocate for a better state. Progress Iowa announced the launch of as part of their ongoing effort to win progressive victories by empowering people to tell their story. 

“Every day we’re building the foundation for long term progressive change and will play a key role in our organizing effort,” said Matt Sinovic, executive director of Progress Iowa. “We know that every time someone shares their story with their friends, neighbors, and community, it’s a step in the right direction. And our research proves that this kind of storytelling works. We hope that anyone interested in making a difference will visit and work with our incredible team to tell their story.” 

As Iowa’s progressive communications hub, Progress Iowa provides training, message guidance, and support to activists, local elected officials, and grassroots organizations who want to deliver a winning message. They have developed a network with hundreds of volunteers who share their stories by writing letters to the editor and using cutting edge social media tactics. Their message is supported by the most in-depth library of research in the state, all available at 

“Everyone has their own story and thank goodness our stories are not all the same,” said Susie Olesen, a Progress Iowa storyteller from Greenfield, Iowa. “What a boring world that would be! Listening to others’ stories, and telling our own, shows us what we have in common, builds understanding and community,  and makes each of us wiser and more compassionate.” 

Anyone who visits Iowa Voices will be able to read, watch, and listen to the stories of their fellow Iowans. And they will be invited to tell their unique, personal story by connecting with Progress Iowa’s team of experts as a first step. 

“Sharing our stories and hearing the stories of others creates understanding and allows us to see the world through others’ eyes,” said Mary Stewart, a retired educator and Progress Iowa storyteller from Ottumwa, Iowa. “Our shared stories let us know that we are not alone, that our concerns, our joys and sorrows are also shared. They build community and in community we find hope.”

Progress Iowa’s storytelling campaigns have elevated a wide range of issues, including support for public schools, the freedom to access abortion and reproductive health care, standing up for worker’s rights and the opportunity for every Iowan to thrive, and so much more.