School Board Right to Common Sense

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Overview: Iowa school boards are integral to Iowa’s public school system. From overseeing public funds to setting district policy, school boards shape many decisions for students, families, and communities. 

But today, Governor Kim Reynolds and anti-public education legislators are encouraging fringe groups, like Moms for Liberty, to attack our schools and educators, ban books, and prevent kids from learning compassion and the truth about American history. 

We cannot let wedge politics divide our school boards. Parents, leaders, and community members across Iowa must stand together to demand common sense on our school boards and ensure public schools and educators have what they need to give our kids the freedom to learn with access to the best education possible. 

The Headline:  Iowa students deserve strong public schools with common sense and balanced oversight. But, extremists have set their sights on electing candidates to Iowa school boards to promote their ideological agenda. This agenda includes support for harmful and discriminatory policies against students, censorship of diverse and inclusive educational materials, and sowing discord and division in our communities. 

The Message: Iowa’s public schools are vital to every local community. The leaders elected to oversee their success and the freedom for all students to learn must focus on providing safe and healthy learning and working environments, access to all, and most importantly, the best tools and resources for our students and educators to help them succeed. 

Iowa school boards are no place for partisan politics or divisive attacks. Our students and education professionals, no matter their background, income, or beliefs, deserve fair and balanced representation on our school boards to help ensure our public schools remain welcoming to all they serve. 

The Tweet: Iowa school boards should protect the freedom to learn and give educators the resources they need — school boards are no place for divisive political attacks from Gov. Kim Reynolds, anti-public education politicians, and fringe groups like Moms for Liberty. #FreedomToLearn

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