Fairness for Iowa Will Hold Rep. Zach Nunn Accountable

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Iowans have joined together to launch a new coalition of small business owners, community leaders and grassroots organizations, Fairness for Iowa, that centers on the concerns of working people and holds Representative Zach Nunn accountable for standing in the way of a fair economy and the freedom for all Iowans to get ahead. 

Iowans work hard and expect their elected leaders to do the same for them. But Rep. Nunn is voting to protect corporate profits over hardworking families. Nunn continually works in step with the MAGA Republicans, even voting to raise costs for everyday Iowans while protecting handouts for the rich and wealthy corporations. Fairness for Iowa is committed to tracking Nunn’s votes and ensuring all Iowans are informed every time he votes for wealthy corporations and the richest Americans, like Jeff Bezos, instead of caring for our communities. 

“Iowans are tired of working their tails off and seeing corporations run away with their livelihoods,” said Sue Dinsdale, executive director of Iowa Citizen Action Network. “Congressman Nunn is making things worse. How dare he see what Iowa families have been through the past few years and ask that spending be cut by our families. We deserve some fairness and common sense. It’s time wealthy corporations and the richest Americans, like Jeff Bezos, pay what they owe.”

“The facts on Congressman Nunn are bad for Iowa’s workforce,” said Todd Copley, president of AFSCME Council 61. “Working families need someone who will fight for them, but Nunn has supported bills that give billions of dollars in tax breaks to wealthy corporations and the richest Americans. We can’t afford that. Iowans need a fair tax code and leaders who look out for veterans and working families, but instead, we’ve got Nunn.” 

“Zach Nunn is continuing the same voting pattern he started while in the state legislature,” said Senator Claire Celsi. “He’s voted to cut SNAP and benefits for working families, he’s voted to reduce Medicaid benefits for qualifying individuals, and voted to make it harder for people to afford prescriptions. Zach Nunn has demonstrated absolutely zero interest in solving the real problems Iowans face – skyrocketing rents, food insecurity, and unaffordable childcare.”

“Hard working Iowans deserve leaders who look out for them, but Congressman Nunn’s focus has been becoming the best corporate sellout he can be,” said Matt Sinovic, executive director for Progress Iowa. “In Congress, he’s supported tax cuts that help Big Oil, Big Pharma and Big Ag. But when it’s time to cut spending, he attacks Medicare and Social Security recipients, small farmers and hard-working Americans. Fairness for Iowa will hold him accountable and ensure Iowans know Nunn is helping wealthy corporations rake in record profits while the rest of us struggle to get by.”

Nunn’s support for the wealthiest Americans is an overwhelming threat to the livelihood of Iowans. During his short time in Congress, he has supported wealthy corporations over veterans, seniors and Iowa jobs while voting to raise grocery prices (HR 2811), helped excessively wealthy people, like former President Trump, who cheat on their taxes (HR 23), asked Medicare and Social Security recipients to balance the budget instead of America’s top One Percent of earners (HJRes 12), supported tax breaks to help Big Pharma (HR 2673) and voted to give Big Oil tax breaks (HR 2811). For more actions by Nunn to harm the economic wellbeing of Iowans, please see below.

Rep. Nunn’s Corporate Handouts: 

  • Nunn put wealthy corporations over veterans, HR 2811
  • Nunn put wealthy corporations over seniors, HR 2811
  • Nunn put wealthy corporations over Iowa jobs, HR 2811
  • Nunn helped the wealthiest Americans, like Trump, who cheat on their taxes, HR 23
  • Nunn supported backroom deals for Marjorie Taylor Green and others, HRes 5
  • Nunn put the richest Americans and wealthiest corporations over Medicare and Social Security recipients, HJRes 12
  • Nunn threatened to close Social Security offices seniors rely on, HR 2811
  • Nunn protected corporate tax cheats, HR 23
  • Nunn supported more tax breaks that help Big Ag and Big Pharma, HR 2673
  • Nunn supported billionaire tax breaks, HR 976
  • Nun voted for more corporate tax breaks, HR 1
  • Nunn voted with Big Oil, HR 21 
  • Nunn voted to raise food prices, HR 2811