Fairness for Iowa Launches Ad Campaign To Hold Rep. Nunn Accountable

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Fairness for Iowa released a new TV ad this week, to hold Congressman Zach Nunn accountable for protecting corporate profits instead of protecting Iowans. Fairness for Iowa launched their coalition last week, and today’s ad, Groceries, is the first in a seven-figure paid media effort.  

Click here to watch Groceries, which will air on broadcast television and online.

“Since becoming a member of Congress, he’s supported tax cuts that help Big Oil, Big Pharma and Big Ag,” said Matt Sinovic, executive director of Progress Iowa, part of the Fairness for Iowa coalition. “At the same time he has attacked Medicare and Social Security recipients, small farmers and hard-working Americans. Fairness for Iowa will continue to hold him accountable and ensure Iowans know Nunn is helping wealthy corporations rake in record profits while the rest of us struggle to get by.”

Nunn has been in office since January and has already built a record that fails Iowa’s working families.

  • He has supported wealthy corporations over veterans, seniors, and Iowa jobs while voting to raise grocery prices (HR 2811)
  • He has helped excessively wealthy people, like former President Trump, who cheat on their taxes (HR 23)
  • He asked Medicare and Social Security recipients to balance the budget instead of America’s top One Percent of earners (HJRes 12)
  • He supported tax breaks that would help Big Pharma (HR 2673) and,
  • He voted to give Big Oil billions in tax breaks (HR 2811).

Read the full script for “Groceries” below:

“Everything is so expensive.
And Zach Nunn has voted to make it worse.
Zach Nunn voted with big oil to make it harder to lower gas prices.
He sided with big drug companies against lower prices for prescriptions.
He sided with big ag while voting to kill off family farms and raise the price of groceries.
Now, he wants to give all those corporations more tax breaks.
Zach Nunn is protecting corporate profits while we pay more.”

Fairness for Iowa encourages Rep. Nunn’s constituents to call his office at (515) 400-8180 to demand that he stop protecting corporate profits. The coalition is planning additional opportunities for Iowans to take action. Anyone interested in getting involved should visit FairnessforIowa.org.