Reynolds’ Abortion Ban

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Overview: In 2018, Governor Reynolds signed a 6-week abortion ban into law. The Iowa Supreme Court ruled  it unconstitutional, protecting our freedom since then. But with a new judicial landscape – post Roe & a new Iowa ruling on abortion – Reynolds is forcing the Legislature into a special session to rip away our right to access abortion.  

The Headline: Iowans overwhelmingly support the right to access abortion. But, since the Court refused to do Reynolds’ dirty work, she’s forcing the Legislature into a special session to vote on her abortion ban.  

The Message: Iowans support each other and our personal decisions. We know politicians should not interfere with our personal lives, our families and our right to access abortion. But today, extreme MAGA Republicans who stand with Governor Reynolds and her abortion ban are threatening our freedoms. They’re trying to steal our right to decide what’s best for our lives and our families. As supporters of abortion access, we are the majority and we aren’t going anywhere. It will take all of us in this fight to secure the freedom to be in charge of our bodies and safely care for ourselves, our families, and our communities. Just as abortion rights advocates stood up and won in Kansas and other  states, we will fight for our rights and freedoms. 

The Tweet: No one should have their reproductive decisions ripped away by politicians like @IAGovernor. Share if you agree that abortion should be kept legal in Iowa this Tuesday! #Iowa

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