Rep. Scholten: Put Politics Aside To Keep Pace, Keep Costs Down

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253,000 jobs were added in April across the country and unemployment dropped while Iowa continues to lag behind; House Democrats have solutions to keep costs down for Iowa families

The jobs report released today by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics continued to show strong growth, with 253,000 thousand jobs added in April and unemployment ticking down to 3.4 percent. In Iowa, the job market has proved more stagnant, while costs continue to rise. 

Democrats in the Iowa House released a series of proposals to put more money in the pockets of families, but none were considered in the Iowa Legislature. Instead, MAGA Republicans in the Iowa Legislature moved policies that take food from families, hurt public schools and give wealthy corporations tax cuts. Iowa House Representative J.D. Scholten issued the following statement in response to today’s jobs report, Iowa’s persistent stagnation, and the opportunity to support working families: 

“Iowans know they deserve legislators who will spend their tax dollars on the things that matter most to them – child care, housing, our communities, and protecting wages and employment standards. 

“But instead of focusing on what’s important to Iowans and job growth, Governor Reynolds and the MAGA majority in the legislature are too focused on punch down politics, partisanship and benefiting their wealthy donors. On private schools, taxes and child labor and more, they’ve sold Iowans out to the highest bidder.

“We’re tired of watching the rest of the country run circles around us when it comes to job creation and economic growth. Too many of my classmates and kids today flock to other states for economic opportunity. The proposals from House Democrats would create more time with our families, keep kids here, peace of mind for parents in need of child care, and more security for families trying to keep up with the cost of living today.”

The legislative package introduced by House Democrats includes the following policies

  • Expand access to affordable, high-quality childcare
  • Create more accessible housing options, while providing opportunities for necessary home improvements for current homeowners
  • Prevent employers from refusing to pay promised wages
  • Lower costs of prescription drugs for Iowans
  • Expand the use of renewable energy to lower utility costs 
  • Freeze tuition at state universities and community colleges to relieve the burden on college students

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