Iowans Want Results, Not Rigged Rules From Congress

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Overview: The Default on America Act1 would “cut veterans’ health care, jeopardize public safety, and raise costs for families—even as House Republicans separately push for trillions in tax cuts skewed to the wealthy and big corporations.”2 Iowa’s U.S. Reps. Nunn, Miller-Meeks, Feenstra, and Hinson all voted yes.

The Headline: Iowans are good neighbors who know gambling with our nation’s debt is risky and un-American. MAGA Republicans’ Default on America bill supported by Iowa’s Republican Representatives would make seniors, veterans and hardworking families in Iowa suffer.

The Message: As Iowans, most of us want to see each other succeed, no matter our background, zipcode or income. But today, Iowa members of Congress are legislating for the  wealthy few who have always called the shots – rigging the rules to avoid paying what they owe and claiming the wealth our work creates. Now MAGA Republicans Representatives Nunn, Miller-Meeks, Feenstra, and Hinson are doing their bidding – threatening to default on  America and push us into economic shutdown, unless we let them take away healthcare from our veterans, loan relief from students, and food from families. All while risking payments owed to Social Security recipients and the cost  of living for all of us. We’ve seen that we can stand up to the money in politics and protect our freedoms, families and futures. We must hold MAGA Republicans accountable for holding our economy hostage – threatening to default and destabilize America. If we come together, we can demand legislators invest in and protect what’s important to our families. 

The Tweet: Iowa seniors and veterans are waiting for an explanation from @repashleyhinson, @ZachNunn, @RepFeenstra & @RepMMM. Why did you throw our seniors and veterans under the bus by voting for the MAGA Default on America Act that only helps the top 1%? #Iowa

The Image: Share the images below to remind Iowans what our members of congress voted against: they voted against us, the people they’re supposed to represent.

Overtime! (A little bit extra if you have more than a minute to spare)

A White House analysis3 The Default on America Act shows how devastating it would be for Iowa. Please  use our framework to describe any of the awful aspects of this bill. Iowa would lose at least $510 million in federal grant dollars, with the following disastrous impacts:

Harm Seniors, Older People, and Veterans 

  • Threaten Medical Care for 77,500 Iowa Veterans. 
  • Worsen Social Security and Medicare Assistance Wait Times for 709,800 Iowa Seniors.
  • Jeopardize Food Assistance for 9,000 Older Adults in Iowa.

Raise Costs for Families 

  • Eliminate 3,800 Preschool and Child Care Slots in Iowa. 
  • Strip Nutrition Food Assistance from 12,000 Women, Infants, and Children in Iowa. 
  • Raise Housing Costs for 5,100 Iowans.

Jeopardize Transportation Safety and Infrastructure 

  • Cut 100 Rail Safety Inspections in Iowa. 
  • Jeopardize Air Safety by Shutting Down at Least 1 Air Traffic Control Tower in Iowa. 
  • Withhold Nearly $10 Million in Vital Transportation Infrastructure Funding. 

Jeopardize Health Coverage and Access to Care 

  • Jeopardize Health Coverage and Access to Care for 227,000 Iowans. 
  • Deny 100 Iowans Access to Treatment for Opioid Use Disorder. 

Hurt Children and Students and Undermine Education and Job Training 

  • Gut Support for 110,000 Low-Income Students. 
  • Cut Support for 70,000 Iowa Students with Disabilities. 
  • Slash Mental Health Support for Students by $1.9 Million. 
  • Eliminate Student Debt Relief From 169,000 Iowans (each receiving up to $20,000).  
  • Make College More Expensive for 53,600 Iowans. 
  • Deny 5,700 Iowans Access to Workforce Development Services. 
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