The Zach Tax: We Can’t Afford Nunn’s Crooked Deal

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Iowans can't afford the Zach Tax

Zach Nunn supported Kevin McCarthy while a backroom deal for a national sales tax became crucial to securing support for Speaker of the House 

They’re calling it “The Zach Tax.” A new national sales tax proposed by Republicans in Congress would add thirty percent to groceries, housing, and even health care costs for Iowa families. Newly elected Congressman Zach Nunn voted for Kevin McCarthy fifteen times as a backroom deal for the thirty percent tax became part of the agreement to make McCarthy Speaker of the House

Today Progress Iowa published, a new website that  helps Iowans discover how much the proposed thirty percent sales tax would add to their grocery bill and other expenses. 

“We’re finally turning the tide on inflation, and Iowans just can’t afford the Zach Tax,” said Matt Sinovic, executive director of Progress Iowa. “Zach Nunn just doesn’t get it. Iowans want elected officials who care about us, not shady backroom deals that pick our pockets. Nunn voted for Kevin McCarthy fifteen times while he was promising support for this dangerous sales tax to come to the floor. With that crooked concession, Nunn sold us out in record time, before he was even sworn into office. 

The Tax Policy Center reported that the Zach Tax would add trillions to the deficit, it “does not add up and, as a fundamental tax reform, is essentially unworkable.”

And a recent report from the Center for American Progress concluded that the reckless tax proposal would: 

  • Impose a 30 percent national sales tax that would apply to nearly everything, including items often exempt from state sales taxes, such as housing, health care, and groceries.
  • Dramatically reduce federal revenues, requiring deep cuts in public services
  • Increase taxes for working families while slashing taxes for the wealthy
  • Shift the cost of tax administration to the states

Progress Iowa is encouraging all Iowans to visit and find out how much this reckless proposal would cost them at the grocery store, and everywhere else a new national sales tax would apply. 

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