April Fool’s: Progress Iowa rebrands as Butter Iowa

Butter Iowa Logo

After eleven years, an Iowa organization is relaunching under a new, ‘butter’ banner. Progress Iowa, an advocacy organization and Iowa’s progressive communications hub, announced it will change its name to Butter Iowa, releasing a new website at ButterIowa.com.  

“We’re churning with excitement to embark on this new chapter as Butter Iowa,” said Matt Sinovic, executive director of Butter Iowa. “We already strive every day to enhance the flavor of the communications efforts of progressive organizations, activists, and elected leaders. And just like butter, we hope we make everything better. Rebranding signals a recommitment to bring out the best in our state, while cutting through right-wing disinformation like a knife through butter. No matter what name we go by, we will always provide Iowans the resources they need to advocate for a butter Iowa, and in the process we will do our best not to lay it on too thick.”

During the past eleven years, Butter Iowa has grown from an advocacy organization with a few dozen members to an online network reaching nearly one hundred thousand. As the state’s progressive communications hub, they work daily with activists, elected officials, community organizations and more to deliver a winning message. Last year alone, Butter Iowa generated more than seven million dollars in earned media value, press coverage across the state, and the volunteers and leaders they teamed up with published four hundred thirty three letters to the editor.

This year, Butter Iowa has already worked to pre-empt Governor Reynolds’ framing of the legislative session, published a multi-issue message guide based on a year’s worth of polling and research, and conducted message trainings with faith leaders, union members, environmental activists, farmers, and more. Their team helped plan rallies to fight the extreme child labor changes being proposed, the unprecedented attacks on Iowa’s LGBTQ community, and to stand up for reproductive and abortion care for every Iowan. In just three months, Butter Iowa has teamed up with more than fifty organizations and elected officials to help them deliver a winning message.   

As part of the organization’s relaunch, the organization is calling on everyone who believes in a Butter Iowa to visit ButterIowa.com and help spread the word and churn our state into the place we believe it should be.

Butter Iowa (formerly Progress Iowa) is an advocacy organization and the state’s progressive communications hub with a network that reaches nearly 100,000. We conduct research, develop winning messages, communicate with Iowans about critical policy issues, and empower people who want to improve our state. To learn more about why we’re laying it on thick with this April Fool’s Day joke, visit butteriowa.com.