The Truth About Moms for Liberty in Iowa

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If you’re like many concerned Iowans, you may also be wondering where Moms for Liberty suddenly emerged up from this state session. Well, we’re here to help answer where this group, largely funded by out-of-state dark money donors, came from and why they’re really in Iowa. 


Moms for Liberty began in Florida two years ago, in January 2021. A founding member, Bridget Ziegler, is married to the vice chair, and newly elected chair, of the Florida Republican Party. 

The group often misleads individuals regarding their funding, and claims to be grassroots. However, their first major donation was from Publix heiress Julie Fancelli for $50,000, Fancelli was also willing to spend millions on the January 6 attack on our country. Additionally, the group has strong ties to the Heritage Foundation and the Leadership Institute, which receive funding from right-wing billionaires and large corporations


Don’t fall into their trap! If you see them spreading misinformation on social media, report it. If you directly reply it’ll boost their engagement. Also, make sure to lead with your values. Don’t reiterate their message in an attempt to counteract it. 

Support and join groups who support everyday Iowans! One Iowa Action and Iowa Safe Schools are great organizations fighting at every level to uplift LGBTQ Iowans, who are often the target of Moms for Liberty. 


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