The 4 things Iowans need to know about Ron DeSantis

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Florida Governor Ron DeSantis

Governor Ron DeSantis thinks he can differentiate himself from former President Donald Trump, but we know he’s more of the same and follows Trump’s playbook to the letter. Iowans are tired of the political games and  want leaders to solve real problems. Sadly, just like Trump and Governor Reynolds, DeSantis is following in Trump’s steps to attack our freedoms and sow division and fear to engage MAGA supporters in the conservative party. He’s out of step with Iowans who deserve the facts: 

  1. DeSantis doesn’t care about the constitution: Ron DeSantis has pushed for and signed laws that courts continue to find unconstitutional. Despite it costing taxpayers millions of dollars, DeSantis keeps enforcing these policies that violate the rule of law at his own discretion.
  1. DeSantis is a corporate sellout: Ron DeSantis gave his big donors in the insurance industry a $3 billion bailout and billions more in tax handouts while costs for everyday Floridians keep going up. DeSantis left Floridians with the bill, and he’ll do the same to the American people if elected President.
  1. DeSantis drives up costs for families: Under Ron DeSantis, the cost of housing in Florida has skyrocketed with rents, property insurance rates, and utility bills going through the roof. While families struggle to pay the bills, DeSantis has raked in hundreds of millions of dollars in campaign cash from the same corporations and billionaires who are price-gouging working families and seniors.
  1. DeSantis strips away reproductive freedom: Private health care decisions should be made by patients and their doctors, not politicians. But instead of putting Floridians’ health, safety, and real- life needs first, Ron DeSantis signed an abortion ban with no exceptions for victims of rape or incest, and now wants to pass an even more extreme ban, which would be among the most restrictive laws in America.

Iowans deserve to have accurate information about Iowa officials, and the elected officials who visit our state to promote their agenda. To learn more about Gov. Ron DeSantis, visit the DeSantis Watch website.