EXTREME 16: Iowans Call B.S. on Reynolds

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You’ve heard of the Sweet Sixteen. Now there’s the Extreme Sixteen, released by advocacy group Progress Iowa. After receiving online nominations, the organization released its annual bracket of the most extreme politicians and interest groups in Iowa.

In a runaway victory, Governor Kim Reynolds claimed more than forty percent of the votes cast online during the past week. Iowans were given an open ended question, about who is the most extreme in our state.

“This year’s bracket is dominated by one of the most polarizing politicians in Iowa history, Governor Kim Reynolds,” said Matt Sinovic, executive director of Progress Iowa. “Just yesterday Reynolds somehow managed to sign discriminatory legislation into law, all while trying to turn herself into a victim. That is complete B.S., politics at its absolute worst, and her talent for harming the people she’s supposed to represent is what propelled her to the top spot in our poll.”

Freshman Congressman Zach Nunn shot up the charts, after attacking Medicare, Social Security, and supporting a thirty percent sales tax that would put the hammer down on Iowa families.

“Many people were surprised by Nunn claiming the number two seed but his tournament resume is strong,” said Sinovic. “Iowans want to be good friends, family members, and neighbors. We don’t want seniors to go broke after paying into social security and medicare for decades. We don’t want our grocery bills to have a thirty percent “Zach Tax” tacked on, making it harder to put food on the table. So it’s no surprise that Zach Nunn is the number two seed, and as more people learn about his record he may overtake the top spot next year.”

Moms for Liberty was a newcomer on the scene, and the rest of the field was rounded out by long standing Extreme Sixteen participants

“Moms for Liberty came out of nowhere this year, and early on looked like they could take the entire tournament,” said Sinovic. “Their out of state special interest backing have been used by nearly everyone else in this year’s field to push hateful laws onto unsuspecting Iowans. Whether they and their billionaire backers are a flash in the pan or have any kind of longstanding influence in the state remains to be seen.”

Click here or below to view the bracket and read below to view the entire Extreme 16, in addition to the “first four out” which included Eric Branstad, the son of former Governor Terry Branstad and one of former President Trump’s state directors.

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