Winning the message war


Progress Iowa is the leading communications hub for our state’s progressive community. We conduct polling, use social media analysis, and media tracking to develop winning messages based on research. And we work every day to ensure the message guidance we create reaches as many Iowans as possible.

We believe everyone who is willing to use their voice for progressive change should have the resources to do so. Progress Iowa’s message guides are publicly available and listed below. Winning the Message War: A Handbook for Iowa Progressives is also available online. We hope you will put the handbook and our guides to use and share them widely.

If you would like additional information or participate in training conducted by our staff, please click here to contact us.

White Paper: Say This, Not That: Sarah Huckabee Sanders

Message Guide: Overcoming the Conservative Frame

Message Guide: Protect Public Education

Message Guide: Freedom to Get Ahead

Message Guide: Hinson Votes for High Prices

Message Guide: We Deserve Safety from Gun Violence

Message Guide: Roe v. Wade Must Become Law

Message Guide: Hold All January 6 Criminals Accountable

Message Guide: Breaking Through with Our Values

Message Guide: Fight for Roe v. Wade

Message Guide: Corporate Price Gouging on Grassley’s Watch

Message Guide: Biden Bill Works for Working Families

Message Guide: Corporate Greed Prices Out Working Families

Messaging Guide: Revenue for Our Communities

Messaging Guide: Corporate Kim Reynolds’ Reality Check

Messaging Toolkit: State of the Union: Biden Delivered, Corporate Kim Deceived

Messaging Guide: A Justice For the People

Messaging Guide: Nothing Legitimate About the January 6 Coup Attempt

Messaging Guide: Iowans Deserve a Fair Tax Plan

Messaging Guide: Protecting Roe v. Wade

Messaging Guide: Freedom to Vote

Messaging Guide: People’s Condition of the State

Messaging Guide: Remembering January 6, 2021

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