Trump Hires All-Nepotism Team In Attempt To Reboot

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Yesterday former President Trump hired Eric Branstad, son of former Governor Terry Branstad, and Bobby Kaufmann, son of Iowa GOP Chair Jeff Kaufmann, to lead his Iowa caucus campaign and reboot his political career. Kaufmann is also an Iowa representative, in the seat his father held until he retired so his son could run.

Progress Iowa Executive Director Matt Sinovic issued the following statement in response to Trump keeping his campaign in the family: 

“Iowans work hard every day. We are proud of making our own way in the world. Maybe former President Trump just doesn’t understand what we value. He has a history of hiring his kids for government jobs. And now he’s brought on the all-nepotism team to try and lead his political comeback. It’s not surprising they would take the job, given that Eric and Bobby think they’re ten feet tall while standing on their dads’ shoulders. 

“The younger Kaufmann and Branstad won’t be able to revive Trump’s lifeless political career. Republicans and Democrats alike remember Trump trying at every turn to take away our health care, only to give massive tax breaks to his corrupt corporate pals.”  

For more information: Former President Donald Trump announces Iowa campaign staff [KCCI, 2/20/2023]