Research Memo: Zach Nunn Goes MAGA, Abandons Iowa

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A series of opinion polls demonstrate the unpopularity of Congress, including newly elected Representative Zach Nunn. Nunn has not distinguished himself as someone who will stand against political insiders and stand up for Iowans. Instead, Nunn spent his first month in office doing the bidding of MAGA Republican leadership.

Progress Iowa released a research memo today detailing how Nunn has fallen in line with MAGA Republicans during his first month in office. And how polling shows the unpopularity of his record. 

“Just one month after taking office, Congressman Zach Nunn’s track record is a nightmare for Iowans and a dream come true for MAGA Republicans,” said Matt Sinovic, executive director of Progress Iowa. “Nunn’s votes have already attacked the rights of women and given a green light to tax cheaters. We deserve someone who will look out for Iowans, not a politician who will sell us out in less than thirty days on the job.”

Key findings in the research memo released by Progress Iowa include:

  • Americans reject the Nunn/MAGA agenda by a wide margin. 57% of Americans believe the Republican Congress is extreme, compared to only 34% who do not.
  • Nunn’s 2022 campaign was bolstered by hundreds of thousands in spending by out of state MAGA political action committees.
  • Nunn has cast a number of dangerous votes, including: