No Iowan Should Go Hungry


Petition campaign launched as subcommittee moves the Nutrition Restriction Act forward

Iowans are speaking out in opposition as a subcommittee in the state House of Representatives approved a proposal that would make it harder to receive food and nutrition assistance from the Farm Bill. The SNAP program benefits around 270,000 Iowans, and they would be required to jump through a number of additional hurdles to put food on the table if House File 3 becomes law.

A petition campaign was launched today by Progress Iowa, encouraging citizens to speak out against the legislation. A number of leaders from the Iowa Hunger Coalition, other grassroots organizations and Iowans showed up at the Capitol today to voice their disagreement as well.

“Every Iowan should know where their next meal is coming from,” said Luke Elzinga, chair of the Iowa Hunger Coalition. “This proposal creates a series of extremely restrictive measures that amount to nothing more than keeping food away from hungry Iowans.” 

The Iowa Hunger Coalition is one of many organizations lobbying to stop House File 3, the Food and Nutrition Restriction Act. Only a small handful of organizations are supporting the bill.

“This is pure politics just to make life harder for people doing all they can to keep their families fed,” said Matt Sinovic, executive director of Progress Iowa, the group that launched a petition campaign today. “Every Iowan agrees. No one should go hungry, especially not for a political agenda. Why are Republicans putting Iowa families at risk? They need to start thinking about the people they represent. Iowa is not a test-kitchen for heartless DC gimmicks..”

Information provided by the Iowa Hunger Coalition indicates that the Nutrition Restriction Act would limit the number of cars one household can own, among other household assets, and impose additional proof of eligibility on a monthly basis.

House File 3, the Nutrition Restriction Act, was passed out of subcommittee today and will await further action in the Iowa House of Representatives.