January 6th Anniversary: MAGA Mayhem Continues Two Years Later  

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Progress Iowa Executive Director Matt Sinovic issued the following statement two years after violent insurrectionists, spurred on by former President Trump, attempted to sabotage the 2020 election in a violent attack on the United States Capitol: 

“Two years ago we watched in horror as our Capitol was attacked by a violent mob intent on overturning the free and fair election of 2020. These criminals were prodded by former President Trump and communicated with top Republicans. We should never forget the images we witnessed that day, and how our democracy was pushed to the brink by the MAGA movement. 

“Unfortunately, two years later we are still witnessing the MAGA movement create mayhem in our Capitol. They have taken over the Republican party, prevented newly elected Members of Congress from being sworn in, and prevented House Representatives from doing their jobs and serving their constituents.

“The chaos we saw two years ago and that we are witnessing today is exactly why so many Iowans are frustrated with politics. We want our leaders to focus on improving our lives. We want to participate in our democracy. And despite what any MAGA politician might want, we will honor the heroes of January 6, 2021 such as the Capitol Police and every official who has fought for our freedoms these past two years.”