EXIT POLL: A majority of Iowans support maintaining Social Security and Medicare benefits

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Progress Iowa is releasing the results of an exit poll sharing Iowans’ top priorities at the ballot box during this year’s midterm elections. The poll, conducted by Public Policy Polling shows that Iowa voters overwhelmingly support maintaining benefits from Social Security and Medicare for workers who have earned those benefits. 

“We know that Iowans value the dignity of work and support maintaining benefits for anyone who has earned them, and this poll is proof,” said Katy Siddall, Messaging Director of Progress Iowa. “A large majority of Iowans, over 90 percent, support these programs. You’re unlikely to see that number of Iowans uniformly support any program, which just proves how valuable and effective Social Security and Medicare are for working Iowans.”

“Iowans have been paying into Social Security and Medicare their entire lives, and they want to see those benefits continue when they retire,” said Kay Pence, Vice President of Iowa Alliance for Retired Americans. “Anyone who seeks to cut or reduce these earned benefits is not acting in the interests of those Iowans who have worked hard their entire life and deserve a Social Security check and medical care.”

Key findings from the poll of Iowa voters include:

  • 96% want Social Security and Medicare to be maintained
  • 81% believe the minimum wage should be raised
  • 60% support maintaining IPERS

The poll, conducted by Public Policy Polling, surveyed 621 Iowa voters from November 7-8 with a margin of error of +/- 3.9 percent. The results are available here