We Decide: Working Families Come First

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Iowans are in the home stretch to tell legislators what we’ve decided. That’s why we’re sharing messages that put working families first, because we are the ones driving this economy. Our best messages don’t just talk about what Gov. Reynolds is doing wrong, they talk about what good legislators do right. Every good and service our state benefits from comes from the hard work of Iowans just like you. Iowans and Iowa communities should benefit from the taxes that hard work supports. 

But Governor Reynolds and the Republican-led legislature don’t seem to see it that way. Instead of using the budget surplus on our families, schools, and communities, they used it as an excuse to cut taxes for the richest Iowans and corporations that are seeing record revenues. They even took away some of our hard earned unemployment benefits. It’s highway robbery… pun intended. Our taxes should go to fixing our roads and bridges (some of the worst in the nation) and to making our schools the absolute best. Not padding the pockets of Iowa’s top earners. 

Hard working Iowans just want a good life. With as hard as we work, we should be able to afford the things that matter most. 

But Gov. Reynolds steals from us. Our workers, farmers and small businesses drive the economy. But instead of funding schools, roads and bridges, Reynolds cuts resources to give rich people and corporations huge tax cuts. Now, the meat companies raising prices are making even more money off of us. 

These actions aren’t helping. Reynolds is simply doubling down on the policies that created her workforce crisis that strands Iowa employers in a staffing desert. We need policies that attract workers and the middle class to our state to keep our schools, hospitals and small businesses open. But she’s attacking our earned benefits and catering to the richest among us – cutting off resources for public education, public safety and health care services. 

Democrats know the middle class needs help, that’s why they’re providing for us. They protect workers’ rights and Social Security, fully fund schools, and they lower Medicare drug costs. They know that our true freedom lies in the freedom to get ahead and afford the things that matter most – groceries, a roof over our heads, health care and so much more. 

Iowa leaders should help working families afford what they need and make sure they can retire with dignity.

Check out our resources that prioritize working families and give you our best tested messages. Working families deserve a fair tax plan and the freedom to get ahead. That’s why we’re helping you talk about revenue in our communities for Iowa’s working families.