We Decide: What’s Possible

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We hope you’ve voted, and if not, we hope you have a plan to do so today

You’ve heard from us a lot this past week about the freedoms at stake this election cycle. From access to abortion services to the freedom to afford what we need most, and to live free from gun violence. MAGA Republicans are attacking these values and are willing to do anything to win – even attack our country and the will of the people. 

When we vote, we decide what kind of state and nation we want to live in. In 2008, we elected the first Black President, and in 2015 gay marriage became legal in all 50 states, six years after it became legal in Iowa. In 2020, we started the work to heal a divided nation, recover from COVID, and fight climate change. 

Today, we have the opportunity to support those who are holding MAGA criminals accountable and promising to codify Roe vs. Wade. Progressives who lowered the cost of Medicare drugs, including insulin, through the Inflation Reduction Act. Progressives who voted to build out our roads, bridges and broadband and who lifted millions of children out of poverty through the American Rescue Plan Act. 

A permanent, congressional protection of Roe vs. Wade, gun safety, support for working families and the tools to fight climate change are all within sight. When we vote today, we make them possible!