We Decide: We know what keeps us safe

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Once again, we have tested messaging for you and your friends doing the hard work of advocating for progressive values. Today, we’re talking about safety. We know this can be a divisive topic. And conservatives think they’ve cornered the market on it. Reynolds even uses dog whistles and racist imagery to divide Iowans on this issue. But we know what keeps us safe and we fight for it every day, delivering progressive results that take care of our communities. 

Results are what this topic comes down to. Providing for our communities and ensuring a roof, food, health and education are available and affordable are number one to improving our lives and safety. 

But what about the fights about law enforcement? Lots of folks use divisive language when talking about safety and emergency responders. We tested this message and found it’s not necessary. We can win this argument broadly when we talk about results and how progressives make life safer. Our message even beats the conservative message that tries to say otherwise by 15 points! 

That’s because no matter which corner of the state we’re from or what we look like, Iowans look out for each other. We won’t stand for politicians who use racially charged claims to divide us and make us fear each other. We’re making our communities safer by coming together and focusing on the training and protective gear that keeps officers safe. 

We’re the ones looking out for small and rural towns, fighting to make sure small-town and rural police have the tools they need to care for their communities. We know they work hard to crack down on sex offenders and improve safety in our communities. Together, we’re focused on common sense safety measures and results for our neighborhoods. 

Fairly funding every aspect of our communities is what’s going to keep us safe. We know what we need and together we can get the results we deserve. 

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