We Decide: Public Funds in Public Schools!

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We’re sharing our top tested messages every day until election day to make sure you’re armed to do your best advocating! Today’s top message is on honest education. Our message testing found this message to be our most persuasive among Iowans when increasing support for public schools and leaders who know public funding belongs in public schools. 

All students, no matter what they look like or their zip code, deserve the freedom to learn and succeed. 

Gov. Kim Reynolds led MAGA extremist attacks on teachers and schools while working to pass vouchers that send our tax payer dollars to private institutions. 

Fully funding public schools allows all kids to learn about history, community and themselves. Our kids deserve to learn our collective stories – from Sacagewea to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and more. Our public funds belong in public schools. Help us spread the word! 

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