We Decide: Freedom from Gun Violence

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This year, when we flip our ballots over, Iowans will vote on Constitutional Amendment #1, the Reckless Gun Amendment. This proposal mimics language seen in Louisiana, Alabama and Missouri and the results are not what we want to see happen in Iowa. 

Tragedies are happening in these three states that have passed laws with strict scrutiny. In Missouri police and a mayor are fighting over whether or not officers would have been fined for confiscating an AR15 from a school shooter, which he used to kill a teacher and student while injuring several others. His family tried so hard to help him and those around him, but the gun law prevented prioritization of public safety. 

Sadly, this story ends with trauma and unnecessary loss of life that certain politicians are getting far too comfortable with. The tragedies won’t end there if this amendment continues to pass in states like Iowa.

We know we deserve better, and Iowans do too. When testing messages on gun safety, a large majority is on board for common sense safety regulations. To move the needle as far as possible, we focus on tangible, common sense safety measures most of us support. We also refer to the lives we have lost and the fact that they deserve better, that they are worthy of action. 

No matter our background or where we live, Iowans want to live free of gun violence. We want to send our kids to school and live normally in our communities without the fear of shootings. 

Our lives and the lives of those we’ve lost are worthy of gun safety regulations. But the reckless gun amendment, Constitutional Amendment #1, to our constitution takes that freedom of safety away. 

If this amendment passes, our right to common sense gun regulations will be gone. From selling and carrying to training and permits, the gun amendment would take away our ability to regulate these lethal weapons in our communities. 

Efforts by libraries, schools and municipal buildings to keep guns off their properties could be deemed unconstitutional. Domestic abusers could even have their access to guns restored through the courts thanks to this amendment. Survivors of domestic abuse deserve better, and so do our children. 

From Ames to Uvalde, we have seen too much unnecessary death from guns. 

We can protect our right to live free of gun violence and improve safety for our kids and communities. Vote NO on Constitutional Amendment #1, the strict scrutiny gun amendment. 

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