REPORT: Denying reproductive freedom denies economic freedom

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A new study from Advancing New Standards in Reproductive Healthcare shows the economic impact of abortion restrictions on Americans. 

“Iowans know that true freedom is the ability to get ahead by making the right decisions for ourselves and our families,” said Matt Sinovic, Executive Director of Progress Iowa. “But, MAGA Republicans like Kim Reynolds keep trying to control bodies and lives in Iowa by banning access to abortion. By doing so she would deny every Iowan access to economic freedom. Forcing people to give birth will put more folks under the poverty line, confine more victims in abusive relationships, and put more people at risk for more serious health conditions down the road. All consequences that Reynolds’ careless agenda refuses to acknowledge.”

Progressives have long argued that restrictions on abortion access would have widespread consequences, both on individual health and freedom and our economy. The Turnaway Study discovered that these effects range from short-term to long-term, and affect both the parents and the children. Key findings include: 

  • People who have to carry an unwanted pregnancy have four times greater odds of living below the Federal Poverty Level.
  • Years after being denied a wanted abortion, it was found that parents were more likely to not have enough money to cover basic living expenses like food, housing and transportation. 
  • Being denied an abortion had a negative impact on credit scores, debt, and also increased the number of bankruptcies and evictions.
  • Children show worse developmental outcomes when their parent is denied an abortion compared to the children of parents who received access. 
  • When people are denied the freedom to access abortion or birth control, they are denied the freedom to decide their own futures. Stripping people of this freedom has significant economic implications. 

You can find the full report by clicking here