Support workers by making September Labor Union Appreciation Month

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Progress Iowa Executive Director Matt Sinovic issued the following statement calling for Iowa leaders to proclaim September as Labor Union Appreciation Month:

“Iowans work hard for their families and labor unions make sure those workers’ rights are protected.

“We owe unions for the eight-hour weekday, the two-day weekend, and plenty of other rights we all enjoy today. Americans’ approval of labor unions is at its highest point since 1965

“Sadly, some Republican politicians are letting wealthy corporations walk all over us. Greedy CEOs are making record profits thanks to the hard work of our union brothers and sisters, but aren’t sharing the profits. To get the pay and benefits owed, workers keep having to protest their employers. 

“Unions have fought for workers’ rights since the beginning. It’s time we fight for them. Iowa workers deserve leaders who will support them when they are in need. We’re calling on Iowa leaders to issue a proclamation recognizing September as Labor Union Appreciation Month. If you are a public employee in a contract covered position, we encourage you to sign up to be a member of your union. If you can organize in your workplace, we encourage you to do so. Workers are stronger when we stand together.”

You can find more information at about labor unions and how to advocate for making September Labor Union Appreciation Month.