Reynolds’ rejection of student debt relief puts hypocrisy on full display

folder_openNews, Reynolds

Progress Iowa Executive Director Matt Sinovic issued the following statement in response to Governor Kim Reynolds spearheading a letter to President Biden opposing his plan to forgive a portion of student loan debt for millions of Americans:

“The burden of student loan debt has forced millions of Americans into terrible choices, like staying in a bad job or delaying needed medical care. Thankfully, President Biden’s decision to forgive thousands in student loan debt will put money back into the hands of people who keep our economy going.

“Now, Governor Kim Reynolds is once again displaying her hypocrisy and backwards logic. For years she has failed to adequately fund public schools, continuing to cut funding for Iowa’s public universities. At the same time, she has sent massive tax cuts to the companies that are price-gouging Iowa consumers.

“Reynolds is showing Iowans her true colors by railing against President Biden’s student loan forgiveness that is helping thousands of Iowans afford their bills and the things that matter most. Working families fuel our economy, but Corporate Kim is afraid of increasing taxes on the greedy companies that fund her campaign war chest. Iowa workers and families with student loan debt benefit from President Biden’s loan forgiveness. Iowans deserve a leader who supports working families and makes their lives better, not worse.”