Corporate Kim’s anti-worker agenda keeps food off the table

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Progress Iowa Executive Director Matt Sinovic issued the following statement in response to the July Jobs Report from Iowa Workforce Development:

“Iowans know we all deserve a fair shot. But in Corporate Kim Reynolds’ Iowa, that’s just not possible.

“Today, Governor Reynolds will likely be touting that the state added 3,800 jobs in July, bringing the states’ unemployment rate to 2.5%. But those numbers lack important context.

“There are nearly double the number of open jobs in the state as there are unemployed Iowans. And those who are employed are still struggling to make ends meet. Local food banks are seeing record demand and about 1 in 7 working Iowa families do not earn enough to meet a basic-needs budget. 

“Families shouldn’t have to choose between food and rent, but in Corporate Kim’s Iowa the only people with choices are the ultra rich and wealthy companies. She has provided them handouts and massive tax cuts, while at the same time slashing earned unemployment benefits, blocking wage increases and stripping workers of their collective bargaining rights.

“We need solutions that support workers and recognize our hard work. We don’t need more jobs, we need jobs that pay enough for people to take care of their families and afford the things they need.”