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A leaked Supreme Court opinion draft shows that the bench Senator Grassley stacked is moving to overturn the bedrock law, Roe v. Wade. This landmark decision has protected the right and freedom to legal and safe abortion for 50 years, but today it’s under threat.

Abortion care is healthcare and we’re standing up for Iowans who need access today and for generations. Iowans know this move lacks common sense. We need to elect legislators who will support President Biden’s effort to make Roe v. Wade law.

Talking Points 

  • No matter our income or where we live, Iowans value the freedom to access safe and legal abortion protected by Roe v. Wade.
  • Overturning Roe v. Wade strips pregnant people of their fundamental rights.
  • To truly value life, we must get to work solving public health crises like rising maternal mortality rates and alarming increases in sexually transmitted diseases across Iowa.
  • Limiting access to abortion puts pregnant people in danger and puts their lives at risk. 
  • If we hold Senator Grassley and legislators accountable and advocate for comprehensive health care, we can elect leaders who will improve public health. That means fighting for Roe v. Wade and making it law. 

Key Research takeaways

Earlier this year we tested Roe v. Wade messages. Our research shows that Iowans value access to healthcare that includes abortion services. 

  • Public health messaging moves voters to disapprove of an anti-abortion and anti-reproductive health agenda. 
  • Coming in behind public health were messages regarding sex education, and the dangers we face without Roe v. Wade. 
  • These findings line up with our previous test showing access to healthcare is strongly supported in Iowa and motivates tough opinions about state leaders who stand in the way of increased access. 

Sample social media

Click to Tweet: I believe that no matter our income or where we live, Iowans deserve the freedom to access safe and legal abortion protected by #RoeVWade! Proud that most Iowans agree! #Iowa

Click to Tweet: Reminder: @IAGovernor asked the Supreme Court to overturn #RoeVWade despite the fact that a majority of Americans support abortion. #IAGov 

Click to Tweet: Thanks to @ppadvocatesia, @ppnorthcentral, @NARALIowa & every organization and advocate  in our state advocating for the right to choose today and everyday. #Iowa #RoeVWade 

Click to Tweet: In a country where Black women are 3 times more likely to die from giving birth than white women (6x in Iowa), banning abortion would only make it more dangerous for marginalized communities to obtain safe health care. PERIOD. #AbortionIsEssential

Click to Tweet: A majority of Americans believe abortion should be legal! Unfortunately, politicians like @IAGovernor support the attack against Roe today. But Iowans know the truth: abortion is health care! #Iowa

Click to Tweet: Nearly 1 in 4 women will have an abortion by 45, making a decision that’s best for their own future. It’s time Iowa’s leaders think of the consequences of taking that choice away, in a state neglecting maternal health, public education, & working families. #Iowa #RoeVWade

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