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Biden Reynolds

On Tuesday, March 1st, President Biden will deliver his State of the Union address. Importantly, this speech will highlight where we are as a nation and actions his Administration and Congress took to get us here. Biden and the Democratic majority in Congress passed major federal packages that helped Americans navigate COVID, stay healthy and feed their families. 

Governor Reynolds actively campaigned against and criticized these federal plans and she continues to refuse federal aid, cutting Iowa working families off from critical federal resources, like increased SNAP and unemployment assistance. 

Throughout the pandemic, Corporate Kim Reynolds put working families and Iowa’s economy at risk. Over and over again, Reynolds has ignored the needs of Iowans and put big corporations ahead of what’s best for workers and families, exacerbating the Reynolds’ workforce crisis. She’s caved to conservative extremists instead of supporting our teachers and doctors and has corrupted our state’s highest office with misspent funds and political handouts. 

In choosing Corporate Kim Reynolds to deliver the GOP response to Biden’s State of the Union Address, the Republican Party has underscored their disregard for working families who are struggling in the face of corporate greed and record profit. 


Corporate Sellout Message Testing  

At the outset of 2022, Progress Iowa tested messaging frames around Reynolds’ to discover what Iowans associate with her, and which association moves their opinion of her. The clear winner across all demographics is Corporate Sellout

Across gender, age, race and education Iowans respond most strongly to messages about Reynolds actions as a Corporate Sellout who puts big corporations ahead of working families. When reminded that Governor Reynolds has a pattern of putting big corporations over the needs of Iowa families, a significant portion of Iowans said they would vote for someone else.  

Iowa Priorities Message Testing 

In addition to testing framing messages, Progress Iowa tested issues to see what drives Iowans to the polls and moves their opinion of Reynolds. Iowans overwhelmingly told us they want access to healthcare and leaders who will deliver on it. When given the access to care message, Reynolds candidacy on the ballot took an 11-point hit and her job approval went down 13 points. 

Following access to care, Iowans showed significant movement when shown workforce messaging to support working families and education to support the next generation. 

Workforce Crisis Message Testing 

Recent research dug into Reynolds’ agenda and plan to burden Iowa families with a flat tax, while giving corporations hundreds of millions of dollars in tax cuts. This research showed that messaging on Reynolds’ Workforce Crisis works most effectively across demographics to reduce Reynolds’ job approval and attractiveness as ballot choice. This message also leads more voters to believe that Reynolds’ tax plan will hurt working families and drain community resources

Key Responses to Gov. Reynolds

We expect Gov. Reynolds to tout her unfair flat tax plan. When she does, the best response is: 

Iowans value hard work and deserve to be rewarded for it. But the GOP’s new favorite sellout, Corporate Kim Reynolds, is doubling down on the policies that created the Reynolds workforce crisis and will only make it worse. She’s rewarding wealth instead of work. The rich don’t need a new handout, our communities need investing in. Iowans need leadership that will make our state a more attractive place to live, work and raise a family. 

We expect Gov. Reynolds to tout Iowa’s low unemployment but ignore the workforce crisis she has created. When she does, the best response is: 

Iowans are hard workers who take pride in their jobs. But fewer Iowans are working today than when Corporate Kim Reynolds first took office. Instead of helping workers, she’s taking away our hard earned benefits. Not only did she call workers lazy in her Condition of the State address, she cut off federal aid for the unemployed during a pandemic and is now trying to cut unemployment assistance nearly in half to force Iowans into jobs that don’t pay enough. These are critical funds that kept Iowa families afloat during a global pandemic. Iowans need a governor who values hard work and will make sure employers pay their employees what they owe. 

We expect Gov. Reynolds to highlight divisive social issues or attack the so-called “far left.” When she does, the best response is: 

Iowans understand that we are part of a community and stronger when we come together for our families and neighbors. Unfortunately, Corporate Kim Reynolds uses divisive issues to pull us apart to distract us from the fact that she’s a corporate sellout who keeps prioritizing her wealthy donors over us. Iowans want our leaders to come together and improve our lives. It’s thanks to President Biden and Rep. Axne that Iowa will be able to fix our failing roads and bridges, expand broadband and provide clean drinking water. Governor Reynolds just doesn’t get it. Iowans want a problem solver, not a corporate sellout who only wants to tear us apart. 

We expect Gov. Reynolds to highlight her disastrous education policies, including shifting public tax dollars to private schools. When she does, the best response is: 

Iowans know that our kids need strong education to succeed in the future. But Reynolds is hurting public schools and wants to send more of our tax dollars to private schools, excluding certain children from opportunities by denying their public schools the resources they need. Democrats want to invest $300 million in Iowa schools, but Corporate Kim Reynolds wants to give it to her corporate donors and divert public education funds to private schools. We need a leader who will choose kids over corporations and support public schools so that every kid gets the education they deserve. 

Key Message Guidance  

  • Start with a shared values statement. 
  • Name the problem and define the opposition to our shared value. Don’t repeat the opposition, even to negate. Speak proactively to reframe the issue. 
  • Frame the opposition as a “hurdle” we can overcome, rather than a “barrier” that stops us. 
  • Make voters the protagonists and focus on values. 
  • Provide tangible outcomes. 
  • End with a call to action.

Sample Messaging 

Reynolds’ Workforce Crisis

Iowans are hardworking people who take pride in their jobs. But fewer Iowans are working today than when Governor Reynolds took office. There aren’t enough workers to keep schools, hospitals, and small businesses open.Shared Value
Now, Reynolds is doubling down on the policies that created her workforce crisis. The ones that give the wealthy and big businesses tax breaks, while taking money away from our public schools, public safety, and health care services.Define the opposition & Tie to current threats
This isn’t the right direction for Iowa or the nation. We need to focus on Biden’s plan to invest in infrastructure and put people back to work. We want our hometowns to be attractive places to live, work, and raise a family.Call to action

Access to Healthcare 

Access to healthcare has never been more important. Iowans work hard to make sure their families are taken care of. Leaders should look out for us and ensure access to care. Shared Value
But Governor Reynolds stands in the way of lower costs and our decisions. She has outsourced healthcare to private companies who get to decide whether we live or die based on profit. And she has prevented Iowans from accessing critical health care like family planning services and abortion.Define the opposition
As working families face rising prices, leaders in both parties need to look out for us. We need a health system that puts people over corporations and lowers the cost to each of us. Call to action

Working Families

Iowans value hard work and know good paying jobs help Iowa grow. Shared value 
But Governor Reynolds has failed us and fewer Iowans are working now than when she was first elected. By blocking wage increases and siding with corporations that don’t pay enough, Reynolds is hurting our families and forcing people to leave rural Iowa. Even as workers struggle, she blames us for shortages instead of the corporations who don’t pay enough. Define the opposition
Investing in working families will kickstart our economy. By increasing wages and making companies pay what they owe, Iowans will finally have a chance to get ahead.Call to action 

Education Resources

Iowans believe every child deserves an accurate, honest and quality education, no matter the color of their skin or where they call home.Shared value 
But Governor Reynolds is putting our kids at risk. She has censored teachers, driven them out of the profession and wants to send more of our tax dollars to private schools, excluding certain children from opportunities by denying their public schools the resources they need. Define the opposition
By speaking up and calling on our elected officials to fully fund public schools, we can support our teachers and provide every child a quality education to ensure they succeed.Call to action 


The Republican controlled legislature and Corporate Kim Reynolds have enacted one disastrous policy after another. Her work on behalf of corporate interests and her wealthy donors leaves Iowa families behind. 

Gov. Reynolds’ Rescue Plan Hypocrisy

Reynolds Touts Broadband Investment She Opposed As ‘Blue-State Bailout’  

Despite publicly opposing the American Rescue Plan, Reynolds claims credit for the dollars used for broadband projects in Iowa. Source: Iowa Starting Line, 10/12/2021

Iowa will use $100M from American Rescue Plan for water quality, infrastructure

Iowa’s water quality has been a concern for years and instead of recognizing the help from the Biden administration, Kim Reynolds opposed the ARPA funds that will directly benefit our state. Source: Cedar Rapids Gazette, 12/8/2021

Reynolds says Iowa will give more federal funding to child care centers

Iowa faces a child care crisis and thanks to the American Rescue Plan funds, child care centers will see financial assistance. Source: Iowa Public Radio, 11/3/21 

Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds announces $200 million broadband grant opportunity 

For years, Reynolds and state Republicans have promised to invest in Iowa’s broadband. Now, thanks to the Biden administration, $200 million in federal American Rescue Plan Act funding is now available for grants to help Iowans. Source: KCRG TV, 10/11/21

Why does Iowa have a $1.24 billion surplus? 

Under Gov Reynolds, Iowa Republican lawmakers have cut funds to public services which has contributed to a surplus of funds. Additionally, federal aid for Iowans from the American Rescue Plan has been added to the state surplus, Gov Reynolds wants to claim fiscal responsibility – that just isn’t true. Source: Iowa Capital Dispatch, 9/28/21

LGBTQ Iowans Under Attack by Gov. Reynolds

Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds says she wants to sign a transgender athlete bill this spring

Kim Reynolds and Iowa Republicans continue to push discriminatory legislation to harm Iowa’s children. She called banning transgender girls from participating in sports “the right thing to do.” Source: Des Moines Register 4/30/21

Human Rights Campaign Condemns Passage of Bill Attacking Transgender Children in Iowa

By passing the transgender sports ban in Iowa, transgender children and college student-athletes in Iowa are banned from participating in school athletics consistent with their gender identity. Gov Reynolds and most Republicans continue their harmful attacks and discrimination of transgender youth in our state. Source: Human Rights Campaign, 2/21/22

Corporate Kim Reynolds has anti-Justice track record

Report finds racial disparities in Iowa prisons continue to rank among the highest in the nation

Instead of working to pass legislation to ban racial profiling in Iowa, Gov Kim Reynolds continues to sign laws that further discriminate against Black Iowans. Black Iowans continue to make up 25 percent of the state’s prison population, despite being just 4 percent of the total population. Source: Iowa Public Radio, 10/18/21

Iowa Judicial Branch seeking $202 million budget,

more judges to address backlog

Gov Reynolds and Iowa Republicans continue to underfund our state’s courts leading to a backlog in court filings. Another example of underfunding that Republicans will claim as fiscal responsibility. Source: Cedar Rapids Gazette, 2/22/22

Reynolds says border surge is ‘not our problem,’ declines federal request for help with child migrants

Instead of working to help unaccompanied children who have crossed the US border, Gov Reynolds’s callous statement toward immigrant children demonstrates that she not willing to put partisan politics aside even to protect the lives of children. Source: Des Moines Register 4/9/21

Iowans suffered needlessly from COVID-19 under Corporate Kim Reynolds

As state rolls back COVID response, local health agencies say it’s not time to relax

Gov. Reynolds refused to take COVID seriously through common sense mitigation efforts. Instead, her negligence contributed to the healthcare crisis that existed in our hospitals during COVID surges in our state. Source: CBS2 Iowa, 2/15/22

Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds returned $95 million from federal government for COVID testing in school

Gov Reynolds chose to send back federal funds to help with COVID testing and prevention in our schools. Instead of accepting help from President Biden, Reynolds needlessly placed many of our teachers, students, and school staff members in harm’s way. Source: Des Moines Register, 4/30/21

Reynolds: State will return $21 million in CARES Act funding used on IT infrastructure

Rather than using federal funds to help Iowans, Gov Reynolds chose to spend CARES Act money on Workday to modernize the state’s IT infrastructure. Source: KCCI TV, 2/14/21

Iowa has $141 million in undistributed federal rent and utility aid. The US Treasury might take funds back

In another example of Gov Reynolds mismanagement of federal funds, she left eligible homeowners and renters behind when she failed to adequately distribute federal aid for housing and utilities. Source: Des Moines Register, 12/4/21

55% of teachers planning to leave education due to effects of pandemic, study finds

Gov Reynolds and Iowa Republicans have been underfunding public education for years. And, it isn’t just underfunding. Reynolds continues her attacks on our schools and teachers by taking away local control from school boards and working to control every aspect of a school’s curriculum, pushing highly qualified teachers out of the profession. Source: WOI TV, 2/6/22

Iowa expected to spend over $9 million for temporary nursing help

Instead of supporting federal guidance on COVID like vaccinations and masking, Gov Reynolds sat back while our hospitals and healthcare professionals were overrun with COVID cases in Iowa. Instead of supporting raising the wages for nurses in the state, Reynolds chose hiring out of state nurses to assist with the healthcare crisis she helped create. Source: Iowa Public Radio, 2/23/21

Iowa COVID positive tests spike 37% after the holidays as omicron spreads through US

Gov Reynolds mishandled COVID testing and closed Test Iowa sites even though a fall surge of COVID cases was predicted. Due to the lax guidance and refusal to support vaccinations and mask wearing, Gov Reynolds contributed to the high number of COVID cases in Iowa. Source: Des Moines Register 1/3/22

Family says Iowa man’s death caused by unvaccinated after 15-day wait for transfer

Gov Reynolds’s failure to take COVID seriously in Iowa has had dire consequences for Iowans, even those who didn’t contract the virus. Sadly, Iowans waiting for routine health care were put in harm’s way and some even died because we didn’t have policies in place to prevent the spread of COVID in Iowa. Source: The Hill 12/29/21

Corporate Kim’s Questionable Ethics and  Voter Suppression

Review: Iowa Gov. Kim Reynols flew to Liberty Bowl on vendor’s plane

In a blatant disregard for ethics Gov Reynolds accepted a free flight from a donor who stands to benefit from a 2017 law change backed by Reynolds that reduced benefits for some injured workers. Source: Des Moines Register, 9/13/18

Iowa arranged COVID-19 tests at office of governor’s donors

While many in the meatpacking industry were fighting for their lives in unsafe work conditions due to COVID outbreaks, Gov Reynolds arranged for her donors, those with office jobs, to be among the first to receive the vaccination. Sources: Associated Press, 1/27/21 ABC 10 1/21/21Cedar Rapids Gazette 1/27/21

Iowa will pay $4 million to 2 state workers who say they were sexually harassed by a former state agency director

Long time friend of Gov Reynolds, Dave Jamison’s sexual harassment lawsuit cost Iowa taxpayers $4million. Source: Des Moines Register, 2/4/19

Iowa governor says her driver who struck Black Lives Matter protester ‘acted appropriately’

While driving Gov Reynolds, a state trooper struck a Black Lives Matter protester. Instead of apologizing, the governor said her driver acted appropriately. Source: USA Today 7/8/20

Reynolds, Public Safety Officials Give Details On Iowa Trooper Deployment To Southern Border
In a nationwide publicity stunt, Gov Reynolds put the lives of Iowa’s state troopers on the line when she sent them to the southern border. Sending the 27 troopers to the border cost Iowa tax payers $200,000. Source: Iowa Public Radio, 7/28/21

Iowa Campaign Ethics and Disclosure Board to review state coronavirus media campaign

Rather than use COVID relief funds to help Iowans, Gov Reynolds chose to spend $511,789 on commercials for self-promotion. Source: WOI TV, 6/21/21

Voter Suppression 

Despite a long history of civic participation in Iowa and the desire of many in the state to continue our tradition of accessibility to the ballot, Governor Reynolds signed legislation shortening the early voting period in Iowa. Source: Des Moines Register, 3/8/21

Gov Reynolds signed Senate File 568 into law, adding more restrictions to establishing satellite absentee voting sites and severely limiting the third-party ballot collection. Source: Democracy Docket, 6/9/21

Weakening Iowa’s Public Schools 

Reynolds pushes for private school scholarships ahead of legislative deadline

Instead of working to fully fund our public schools, Gov Reynolds and most Republicans are working to rob tax dollars from our public schools and give this money to private, religious, and for-profit schools through a voucher program. Source: Iowa Capital Dispatch 2/15/22

House passes 2.5% school funding increase

Gov Reynolds and Republican legislators continually fail to fully fund our public schools. Instead of using our state surplus to adequately fund schools and invest in our kids, Reynolds and Republicans would rather give tax breaks to corporations. Source: Iowa Capital Dispatch, 2/10/22

Iowa Poll: Majority oppose new law allowing groups to form charter schools without school board oversight

Despite opposition from the majority of Iowans, Gov Reynolds and Republican legislators pushed for for-profit charter schools in Iowa. Source: Des Moines Register 6/28/21

Iowa Governor Signs Law Immediately Banning School Mask Requirements

Instead of following the science and national guidance on COVID, Gov Reynolds and Iowa Republicans chose to pass legislation in the dead of night that took local control away from school boards to enact mask mandates. Parents of immuno-compromised and unvaccinated students were left scrambling, many finding out only minutes before the school day that masks could no longer be required in Iowa schools. Not surprisingly, this lead to another lawsuit due to discrimination. Source: Iowa Public Radio 5/19/21

Weakening Gun Laws to Make Iowa Less Safe

Gun deaths rising in Iowa as new law removes handgun permits

Under Gov Reynolds and a Republican majority in the House and Senate, gun deaths have been surging in Iowa. Lax laws allow individuals to more easily purchase and carry guns, especially handguns. Allowing individuals to buy and carry handguns without training and permits makes Iowa less safe. Source: ABC News 6/29/21

Iowa Sets Record for Gun Deaths in 2020, Shattering 2019 Mark by 20%

Gov Reynolds and Iowa Republicans are making it easier for Iowans to buy, carry, and conceal guns. As a result, a record 353 people died from gunshot wounds in Iowa in 2019, including both homicides and suicides. Source: Newsweek 6/29/21

Gun deaths rising in Iowa as new law removes handgun permits

Despite the majority of Iowans favoring common sense gun laws in the state, Gov Reynolds and Republicans in the legislature continue to make Iowa less safe by making guns more available and removing training for gun ownership. As a result, gun deaths are rising in the state. Source: KCRG TV, 6/29/21

Taking Away Women’s Choice in Health Care

Judge Strikes Down 24-Hour Abortion Waiting Period;  Iowa Governor Plans To Appeal

Numerous polls prove that Iowans support a woman’s right to make her own reproductive healthcare choices. Instead of passing laws to help women in Iowa maintain autonomy over their reproductive healthcare, Gov Kim Reynolds and Iowa Republicans continue to pass restrictive legislation to take away a woman’s right to access reproductive care. Millions of tax dollars are spent in lawsuits as each law is overturned. Source: Iowa Public Radio, 6/22/21

State asks Iowa Supreme Court to reverse 2018 abortion rights ruling

Time and again, the courts have ruled Iowa’s restrictive abortion laws to be unconstitutional. Instead of helping women access reproductive care for their health and safety, Gov Reynolds and Iowa Republicans are working to take away a woman’s right to make her own healthcare decisions. Source: Iowa Public Radio 2/23/22

Corporate Kim’s War on working families 

Iowa’s unemployment benefits would be cut by 10 weeks and take longer to receive under this GOP bill

Under the guidance of Gov Reynolds, Republican legislators continue to push for harmful changes that would impact out of work Iowans. Just like cutting federal unemployment assistance during the pandemic, these draconian changes won’t change the workforce crisis, they will only cause more harm to out of work Iowans as they seek employment. Source: Des Moines Register, 2/2/22

Iowa House, Senate approve sweeping collective bargaining changes

Despite near unanimous agreement from public workers, Iowa Republicans lead the charge to take away public worker’s rights and gut Chapter 20, the law allowing workers parameters to negotiate with employers. By signing this legislation, Gov Reynolds sent a clear message against worker’s rights in the state of Iowa. Source: Des Moines Register, 2/16/17

Iowa lawmakers strike a deal on tax cuts. Here’s what’s in it.

The proposed flat tax by Gov Reynolds and Republican lawmakers is a gift to the wealthiest Iowans and more tax breaks for corporations. Under this tax plan, the wealthy would get the biggest benefits and state revenues would be reduced by nearly $1.9 billion meaning less money for public services. 

Source: Des Moines Register 2/24/22

Iowa to stop offering federal unemployment benefits next month

At the height of the pandemic, Gov Kim Reynolds cut off federal unemployment benefits for Iowans. Reynolds inaccurately stated that these payments were preventing Iowans from returning to work. Predictably, there was no surge in employment following this move. 

Cedar Rapids Gazette 5/11/21

Corporate Kim Reynolds cut off support for struggling Iowa families

At the height of the pandemic, Gov Kim Reynolds cut off federal unemployment benefits for Iowans. Reynolds inaccurately stated that these payments were preventing Iowans from returning to work. Predictably, there was no surge in employment following this move. Source: Cedar Rapids Gazette 5/11/21

Corporate Kim Reynolds wants to raise taxes on the poorest Iowans

The unfair flat tax proposed by Iowa Republicans would raise taxes on the poorest in our state, according to economic researcher Dave Swenson of Iowa State University. The Governor’s initial proposal was a 4% flat tax, and the legislation passed was at 3.9%. The average taxpayer in Iowa pays 3.7%. Source: KCRG TV, 1/12/22

Reynolds Workforce Crisis 

Workforce Crisis:

National figures showed unemployment claims dropping nationwide; however, in Iowa, unemployment claims were up. Gov Reynolds falsely attributed Iowa’s worker shortage to “laziness” rather than the restrictive measures she and Republican lawmakers put in place to punish unemployed Iowans and those seeking employment. Source: KCCI 12/30/21

Iowa’s governor has no plans to intervene in Deere strike

Despite John Deere’s record profits, CEOs raked in higher paychecks leaving hard-working employees to strike for better wages. Not surprisingly, Gov Reynolds refused to support Iowa’s working men and women. Source: Radio Iowa, 11/9/21

Davenport Schools Cancel Classes, Citing Bus Driver Shortage

When Gov Reynolds and Iowa Republican lawmakers voted against mask mandates in schools, they passed laws making Iowa workplaces less safe. Schools, already facing a worker shortage, were hit hard when COVID surged in early 2022. Source: US News 1/3/22


Auditor: Iowa’s privatized Medicaid illegally denies care

Gov Reynolds refuses to admit that the privatization of Medicaid in Iowa has been disastrous for those who receive Medicaid funding.  State Auditor Rob Sand discovered a massive increase in illegal denials of care by managed care organizations, or MCOs, under privatized Medicaid. Privatized Medicaid has led to increased costs and limited care for Iowans. Source: Associated Press, 10/20/21

Fact Checker: Did Iowa protect meatpackers, maintain food production during pandemic?

Gov. Reynolds touted Iowa’s ability to keep food on the tables of Americans, but she refused to acknowledge that this came at the expense of safety and sometimes the lives of those working in Iowa’s meatpacking plants. COVID mitigation efforts often came too little and too late for workers if at all. Sources: Cedar Rapids Gazette 6/28/21WOI TV, 3/11/21, National Public Radio, 12/16/20

Federal Report: Iowa Violates Rights of Disabled People

A Department of Justice report asserted that Iowa Department of Human Services, whose director was appointed by Gov Reynolds, has discriminated against Iowans with intellectual and developmental disabilities, by choosing institutionalizing them rather than home or community based care. Source: U.S. News, 12/8/21



Interesting that @KimReynoldsIA has failed to thank @POTUS for his American Rescue Plan when she’s repeatedly taken credit for it this year… #Iowa #IAGov

Reminder: @KimReynoldsIA has taken credit for water infrastructure, broadband expansion, and housing investments all made possible by the @POTUS American Rescue Plan, which she publicly opposed! #Iowa


While #CorporateKim touts her agenda, we’ll speak the truth. Reynolds spent this session working for her donors & large corporations, not Iowans. It’s time for real leadership that puts the people first! #Iowa #IAGov #IAPolitics #IALegis

Reminder: While Iowans were struggling through the pandemic, @IAGovernor cut off their federal unemployment benefits. Now, she’s planning an economy that only works for the wealthy… #IAGov #CorporateKim #Iowa #ReynoldsWorkforceCrisis

As Iowans, we work hard and want leaders who will do what’s right so that we can do our best. But as wages sink and the cost of housing and childcare remain out of reach, @IAGovernor & Washington Republicans ​​ignore working families in favor of big corporations and the wealthy. #CorporateKim


Iowa needs our leaders to stand together as Russia creates a dangerous situation abroad. @IAGovernor, it’s time to use your platform for unity, not a partisan agenda. #Iowa

Tonight, it’s crucial @IAGovernor supports @POTUS on the Russia-Ukraine crisis rather than stoke division. We need to stand united, no matter one’s partisan agenda. #Iowa


Wonder if @IAGovernor will mention that she misspent $21 million in CARES Act aid on software updates she planned prior to the pandemic, which were previously rejected by the legislature. #IAGov 

For anyone unfamiliar with @IAGovernor while watching her tonight, she’s the one who put children’s safety at risk by banning mask policies in schools and then touted it. #IAGov


If you’re unfamiliar with @IAGovernor, she’s the one who refused to help migrant children, stating that their situation is “not our problem.” However, she sent Iowa troopers down to the border on Iowa taxpayers’ dime. #IAGov


Reminder: Reynolds and her colleagues passed a law banning honest education despite the fact that a majority of Iowans oppose their legislation. #IAGov #Iowa

.@IAGovernor should remind everyone about when she refused to use $95 million in COVID aid from the federal government. This funding would have been used for COVID testing in schools, which Reynolds has abandoned. #IAGov


Reminder: @IAGovernor signed a bill allowing landlords to reject housing vouchers knowing that 29% of households with vouchers have at least one member with a disability & 27% of voucher holders are Black in Iowa. #IAGov #Iowa Source: @DMRegister

Freedom of Speech

As @IAGovernor speaks tonight, let’s remember that she doesn’t give Iowans those same opportunities to speak our mind. She just wants to knock us down, with her anti-free speech legislation and her car… Remember that? #IAGov

Voting Rights

Reminder: Iowa had the greatest voter turnout in our history in 2020 while maintaining a secure election. @IAGovernor responded by signing voter suppression legislation into law. #IAGov #Iowa

Reproductive Rights

Reminder: @IAGovernor asked the Supreme Court to overturn Roe v. Wade despite the fact that a majority of Americans support abortion. #IAGov


Reminder: Reynolds auctioned off access for one of her pork donor’s causes in 2019. This is one of several instances where Reynolds’ relationship with campaign donors has landed her in controversy. #IAGov #Iowa

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