Rep. Miller-Meeks Tucks Tail, Runs From Record


Progress Iowa executive director Matt Sinovic issued the following statement responding the announcement by Representative Miller-Meeks to change congressional districts:

“This is a democracy, not a deli. You don’t get to taste test voters and send back the ones you don’t like.”

“Rep. Miller-Meeks just tucked her tail and ran, rather than campaign with her poor record with voters that didn’t suit her taste. When Miller-Meeks announced her move today, she made it clear that she’s trying to pick and choose her voters. But that’s not how democracy works. We get to pick our elected officials, not the other way around.”

“It’s not a surprise that Miller-Meeks is terrified of her own record. Having been in office for less than a year, she has abandoned Iowa families, workers, and our communities. She voted against investments in our infrastructure, the expanded child tax credit, and apprenticeship programs for workers. Miller-Meeks has shown Iowans her true colors. It’s no wonder she felt the need to tuck tail and run for cover from what she’s done.”