Iowa Veterans Urge Officials to Support Build Back Better


Today, Iowa veterans Dan Callahan and Laura Hubka issued statements urging Iowa’s federal delegation to support veterans by passing the Build Back Better plan. This legislation is expected to invest in the infrastructure of the Department of Veterans Affairs’ medical facilities and in health care jobs for the department, according to the House Committee on the Budget.

Statement from Dan Callahan, SFC Retired, Iowa National Guard, Independence, IA:

“As a veteran who receives VA care and as the proud parent of a service member, we need the Build Back Better plan to update Iowa’s VA facilities. Providing state-of-the-art facilities shows respect and recognizes our veterans for their service to our country. It will give our compassionate caregivers the tools needed to properly care for our veterans. Iowa is home to over 206,340 veterans and 34% use VA healthcare. Let’s pass Build Back Better to ensure our veterans get the care we deserve.”

Statement from Laura Hubka USN Vet. Riceville IA:

“The Build Back Better plan is a step forward in addressing the health care needs of Iowa’s veterans, but specifically, Iowa’s female veterans who receive care and consultation from VA facilities in the state. Iowa is home to over 206,430 veterans, 7.3% of whom are women. As more women separate or retire from military service we must have care that meets their needs. Passing the Build Back Better plan is a way for Congress to honor the service of our veterans.”