Rep. Hinson Ducks Constituents During Her No Good, Very Bad Week


In columns, news stories, media, and events across the state, Iowans are urging Representative Ashley Hinson to stop hiding from constituents and her record. 

Constituents of U.S. Congresswoman Ashley Hinson held public town hall meetings this week in Dubuque and Cedar Rapids with empty chairs for the Congresswoman, after she rejected their invitation to participate in two different open discussions with Iowans. Following the empty chair town hall on Tuesday, August 31 at Greene Square Park in Cedar Rapids, constituents visited Rep. Hinson’s office and questioned her staff on the absence in Linn County. Video of this encounter can be found here

Iowa leaders also spoke out at a press conference at the Linn County Fairgrounds on Saturday, August 28 calling out Rep. Ashley Hinson for voting against the American Rescue Plan. They stood in front of a mobile billboard encouraging Iowans to contact Rep. Hinson’s office and ask her to stop saying no to healthcare for Iowans. 

The following are excerpts of press coverage and columns from around the state:

The Cedar Rapids Gazette:

“She was not without her detractors at the Central City fairgrounds. Standing in front of a mobile billboard, speakers with Progress Iowa called out Hinson for opposing the American Rescue Plan and expanded health care.

“‘Rep. Hinson had a historic opportunity to deliver for the people of Iowa back in March by voting in favor of the American Rescue Plan, but she instead wholeheartedly opposed this landmark piece of legislation,’ said Stacey Walker, a Linn County supervisor.

“‘When you’re elected to Congress, you’re expected to fight for the people you represent,’ added Laura Packard, executive director of Health Care Voter. ‘These issues are too important to ignore — Rep. Hinson needs to stop saying no to Iowans’ health care.’”


“Just outside Hinson’s event at the fairgrounds, Democrats protested her stance on the American Rescue Plan.

“‘It was designed to rescue American people that have suffered all over the country,’ Linn County Supervisor Stacey Walker, a Democrat, said. ‘The past few years during the pandemic have been tragic.’”

Des Moines Register (Jennifer Wolff)

“Rep. Ashley Hinson recently tweeted, Being accessible and transparent to those I serve is a top priority for me.’ I beg to differ. On July 14, all six Iowa congressional members received an email requesting a meeting for the National Council on Independent Living’s Virtual Hill Day on July 22. All congressional offices responded except Hinson’s office. A second request was sent through the representative’s website. No response.

“Between July 22 and 27, Iowans with Disabilities spoke with Rep. Mariannette Miller-Meeks and Sen. Joni Ernst’s staffers and spoke directly with Sen. Chuck Grassley, Rep. Cindy Axne, and Rep. Randy Feenstra. We thanked them for hearing our stories about how chronically underfunded Home and Community Based Services are for Iowans with disabilities and the impact on those who are aging.

“Five Iowans from Hinson’s district were eager to share personal stories of HCBS and inadequate care in Iowa but were denied the opportunity. Hinson is not accessible and transparent to all Iowans. Iowans with disabilities, our families, and our caregivers belong to many different political parties. Disability issues are nonpartisan and hearing from all Iowans is part of what representatives are supposed to do. My vote in 2022 will reflect a candidate who does listen.”