Iowans Expect Tradition of Fair Maps to be Upheld


Progress Iowa executive director Matt Sinovic issued the following statement in response to the Legislative Services Agency submitting their first redistricting map to Iowa’s legislature:

Iowa has long been a model for the nation with our non-partisan redistricting, and we hope this continues as the legislature will soon review the first map from the Legislative Services Agency. Iowans believe that we along with our friends, family, and neighbors pick our leaders. That’s why it’s crucial that the Republican controlled legislature respect their constituents, resist political gerrymandering, and adopt the maps prepared by the LSA to ensure Iowa’s districts are fair and non-discriminatory.

“Iowans are watching their leaders, and expect the politicians in control of the legislature to continue with the transparent redistricting process, despite voter suppression becoming a trend as of late. Our communities deserve to remain whole, Iowans deserve to be listened to, and we expect our leaders to be chosen by Iowans, not politicians.