Tell Gov. Reynolds: This is Our Iowa

The 2021 Iowa legislative session has started, and tonight Gov. Kim Reynolds will deliver her Condition of the State Address. Will you help tell her that this is #OurIowa, and help share a progressive vision for our state, and hold her accountable for her failed record? 

In #OurIowa, we value public education, quality health care, equality and justice under the law for all, and ensuring no one goes hungry. Unfortunately, we expect Gov. Reynolds to disregard those values and deliver an out of touch, extremely conservative agenda in tonight’s address (available on Iowa Public Television across the state at 6 p.m. and online here).

That’s why we need your help to spread our shared progressive values, and to remind her that this is #OurIowa. Iowans deserve a better vision for our state than what they’re going to hear tonight. Check out our sample Tweets below, then share them online by clicking each link, or copying/pasting to another platform, then please share with your friends and family. 

Here are tweets you can share:

  • Click here to Tweet: In moments of crisis, Iowans come together to support one another. No Iowan should go hungry. It is time for Republican lawmakers to use Iowa’s rainy day funds to feed those in need in our state. #iaGov #IALegis #OurIowa
  • Click here to Tweet: No matter our background, Iowans know that we need to work together to defeat #COVID19. That means ALL lawmakers should be wearing masks at the state capitol & following CDC guidelines. #iaGov #IALegis #OurIowa
  • Click here to Tweet: In #OurIowa we honor working families – but @IAGovernor has offered up no pay increase for public workers this year. We deserve better than zero for the heroes! #ialegis #iagov @afscme_c61
  • Click here to Tweet: Our families & communities are stronger, safer & healthier when we have strong public schools. Now more than ever our public schools need adequate resources to address the pandemic and support quality public education, regardless of zip code. #IAGov #IALegis #OurIowa
  • Click here to Tweet: IPERS is a promise the state of Iowa has made to its public workers. Our state legislators must not break that promise to Iowans. IPERS must remain intact. #iaGov #IALegis #OurIowa
  • Click here to Tweet: In order for our communities to thrive, we need Iowans to be healthy. That means clean drinking water for our children & our families. Republican lawmakers must work to ensure clean water is a priority this session. #IAGov #IALegis #OurIowa
  • Click here to Tweet: #COVID19 has forced Iowans to make tough choices. Our state government can make our choices a little easier by using rainy day funds to help Iowans in need. #IAGov #IALegis #OurIowa
  • Click here to Tweet: #COVID19 has left many local businesses struggling. We must ensure that local business owners have what they need & big businesses are pitching in & paying their fair share. #IAGov #IALegis #OurIowa
  • Click here to Tweet: Our public schools help keep our communities connected by not only educating our students but distributing meals, supplies & information. We must stop the spread of #COVID19 so our students and staff can safely return to in-person instruction. #IAGov #IALegis #OurIowa

Thanks for your continued advocacy.