Health Care is on the Ballot


Progress Iowa and Protect Our Care have released a new health care voter guide for Iowans detailing what’s at stake this election. Several elected officials have misled Iowans, hiding their voting records and positions regarding the Affordable Care Act.

This voter guide provides the records of candidates and elected officials, including Trump, Greenfield, Ernst, Axne and Finkenauer. While leaders like Trump and Ernst have claimed to protect pre-existing conditions, their records tell another story. Sen. Ernst has voted four times to repeal the ACA and she voted to confirm Trump’s anti-ACA nominee to the Supreme Court. As the court will hear Trump’s lawsuit against the Affordable Care Act one week after the election, this is especially pressing. If Trump’s successful, the lawsuit would remove protections for more than 135 million Americans with a pre-existing condition, including 1,288,400 people in Iowa. This year, health care is on the ballot. 

Read the Health Care Voter Guide Here

“We have a president, Republican Senate, and Republican party that has made it their stated intention to repeal the Affordable Care Act,” said Matt Sinovic, Progress Iowa executive director. “They are coming for our healthcare at all angles and it’s so important that people get the information about their record as they go to the polls.”

Iowans have been speaking out about the importance of their own health care as well:

“Now, our worst nightmares are being realized as the case in front of the Supreme Court is going to be heard soon, and now it’s a conservative court. My husband and I are left to wonder, if the ACA goes away, are we going to be able to find someone willing to insure us and if so what is that going to cost? So, for me really healthcare is on the ballot this fall.”

– Susan Blocker, Small Business Owner & Cancer Survivor

“I have a 27-year-old daughter who was raised here in Cedar Rapids, and she was born with heart, vertebrae and ribs deformities. And like 135 million other Americans she then had pre-existing conditions. American moms and dads, they need help. We need and we deserve protection. Healthcare is on the ballot.”

– Debbie Koopman, Healthcare Advocate