Trump Knew Severity Of COVID-19 While Ernst Mocked It

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Senator Ernst owes Iowans an explanation and apology

Progress Iowa Executive Director Matt Sinovic issued the following statement in response to recordings released today of President Trump saying that COVID-19 “is deadly stuff” on February 7th, while Senator Joni Ernst was mocking the disease more than three weeks later at a private event, on February 29th:

“These taped conversations prove that all along, President Trump knew the dangers of COVID-19. But he lied to us, and every step of the way Joni Ernst was there to support his reckless actions. The truth is, if President Trump shared the severity of coronavirus back in February, the death toll wouldn’t be nearing 200,000 this month.”

“Throughout the pandemic, Trump has belittled reporters for concerns he knew were valid all along. This appalling behavior has encouraged masses of people to question the severity of the virus, resist wearing masks, and ignore social distancing guidelines. All of which have had dire consequences, with the U.S. at more than 6.35 million cases.”

“And in late February, weeks after Trump’s tape recorded admission, Senator Joni Ernst praised President Trump’s COVID-19 response and accused Democrats of stirring up panic. Ernst should have spent her time educating the public about the virus and encouraging the President to share his views publicly. Unfortunately, Ernst and her party leaders failed us time after time. Our elected officials are supposed to protect us. Instead, we have to clean up their mess.”

“Senator Ernst owes every Iowan an explanation and an apology for mocking this virus all while she and President Trump knew how severely it could impact us.”

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