Only 28 Percent Approve Of Gov. Reynolds’ COVID Response

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Reynolds Has Lowest Approval Rating On Pandemic Among Any Governor

A survey conducted by a group of universities that includes Harvard, Northwestern and Rutgers found that Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds has the lowest approval rating among her constituents when asked whether they approve of the way she is handling the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. Only 28 percent of Iowans approve of the Governor’s handling of the pandemic, which has infected more than 43,000 and killed more than 850 in Iowa. 

Earlier this year, the same survey showed that Reynolds had a 54 percent approval rating on COVID, which the Iowa Republican Party and their chair Jeff Kaufmann celebrated at the time. The most recent survey results come after weeks of increased case numbers in the wake of Reynolds’ failed leadership, deciding to fully reopen businesses and as the state has limited the ability of local governments to decide whether to require masks or determine how or if they return to school this fall. Kaufmann and the Iowa GOP have not yet issued a public statement about the most recent survey results.

“Iowans get it. Governor Reynolds is clueless and Iowans are sick and dying because of it,” said Matt Sinovic, executive director of Progress Iowa. “Parents are trying to decide how much risk is acceptable when sending their kids back to school, families are torn apart and trying to decide how to manage this deadly disease, all because our Governor refuses to lead. Meanwhile a bipartisan group of doctors and medical professionals are trying to encourage her to issue a mandatory mask order, only to have their pleas for safety fall on deaf ears. Reynolds needs to start listening to experts and stop playing games with our health and our lives

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