REPORT: Iowa Rated ‘F’ For Social Distancing


Progress Iowa Executive Director Matt Sinovic issued the following statement in response to Iowa earning an ‘F’ rating from the Unacast social distancing scorecard, one of only five states to earn the lowest rating possible:

“This scorecard shows why Iowa needs a shelter-in-place order. Governor Kim Reynolds should listen to the growing number of medical professionals and Iowans who want such an order, and use the power of her office to make a clear, direct statement giving people the direction to stay home and practice social distancing. This is not about politics. Our health, safety, and lives are on the line, and the Governor must act immediately.”

Click here to view every state’s rating, and a county by county breakdown according to Unacast, updated on a daily basis. No county in Iowa earned better than a ‘C’ rating, and only 4 of the 99 counties earned that rating: Johnson, Ringgold, Howard, and Buena Vista. Click here to read Unacast’s methodology for their social distancing scorecard. 

Iowa Earns F.png
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