Tupac Friday Playlist


Far too many Iowans are “trapped” in the Medicaid Mess created by Governors Terry Branstad and Kim Reynolds, and left behind by Jerry Foxhoven, the recently-fired director of Iowa’s Department of Human Services, responsible for running the program.

Foxhoven was apparently a huge (huge) fan of Tupac Shakur, according to recent reporting by the Associated Press, and he even dubbed Fridays as ‘Tupac Fridays’ for his state employees. While his hidden Tupac fandom may not have been the cause of Foxhoven’s termination, Tupac Fridays is a tradition we’d like to see continue. We hope there are many positive “Changes” in store for Iowans who rely on our Medicaid program.

From “Keep Ya Head Up” to “California Love,” we’ve curated a playlist of Foxhoven’s favorites for your listening enjoyment. Listen in your car, at your desk, in the grocery store – Tupac Friday is an all-day event. Here’s hoping it inspires the Governor and legislature to act quickly in the best interest of Iowans suffering from the Republican Medicaid Mess.