Iowa Teachers Make Less. That’s Not Right.

Tuesday, May 7th is National Teacher Day, and we all should #ThankATeacher today.

There are so many who have impacted our lives. Please take the time to say thank you at some point today (you can start by sharing this post!). But supporting teachers has to be about more than saying thank you once a year. It has to be backed up with action every day from our elected officials.

Iowa Republicans talk a good game about how much they value teachers, but their actions tell a very different story. From stripping away the rights of teachers to bargain in the workplace, to underfunding public education, it’s clear that teachers are not a priority for Governor Reynolds and the Iowa GOP.

Iowa’s teachers face a weekly wage penalty of 17.2 percent – that’s how much less they make than other Iowans who are college-educated, according to the Economic Policy Institute.

That’s not how a state with a “foundation in education” should treat its educators. Will you click here to share and spread the word?

It’s so important to thank teachers and support the work they do, but it is just as important to call out when they are being treated or paid unfairly.Let’s make sure Governor Reynolds and the Republicans in control of the Iowa legislature know that we value teachers, and that this wage penalty has to stop.