Hypocrite Ashley Hinson Introduces Campaign With Contradiction


Iowa Representative Ashley Hinson kicked off her campaign for Congress this week, and in less than ten seconds had already flip flopped on her own biography. 

Hinson’s launch video begins with her saying “Hi, I’m Ashley Hinson. You know me from the morning news.” Her campaign has decided to make her background as a journalist a centerpiece of her campaign, and she is known to many from her time on local television. 

But Hinson’s launch runs in stark contrast to how she presented herself at a rally where she spoke along with President Trump. During her remarks at that rally, Hinson introduced herself by saying “My name is Ashley Hinson, I’m what you would call a recovering journalist.” The line drew laughs from those in attendance, who are conditioned to President Trump’s regular attacks on the media, who he describes as the “enemy of the people.”

“It’s alarming and unsettling that Hinson would kick off her campaign by contradicting herself within just a few seconds,” said Matt Sinovic, executive director of Progress Iowa. “When Hinson shared the stage with President Trump, she was eager to play to the crowd and feed into the right wing’s attacks on the press. Now she wants to make it a central reason to support her? Ashley Hinson needs to get her story straight before she puts out another ‘news flash’ from her campaign, or she risks losing all credibility.”

Click here to watch Hinson’s campaign launch video:

Watch Hinson’s remarks at Trump’s June 2017 rally: