Roger Stone Indicted; Ernst, Grassley Must Protect Rule of Law


Progress Iowa executive director Matt Sinovic issued the following statement in response to the news that Roger Stone, advisor to President Trump, has been arrested and indicted:

“It goes beyond partisan politics when an American citizen is arrested and indicted on charges of working with a foreign power to disrupt and destabilize our democratic elections.

Roger Stone’s indictment is a red-alert alarm that should wake up the conscience of every elected official, to step up and protect the ongoing investigation into Russian interference into our democracy. It’s time for Senators Ernst and Grassley to drop their partisan blinders and give their full support for legislation to protect the Mueller investigation.

The accusations in the indictment are startling, both for what they accuse Mr. Stone of doing to influence the election, and the lengths at which they went to cover it up. It is clear that there is a widespread effort to prevent witnesses from being honest, and prevent the special prosecutor from doing his job.

Senators Ernst and Grassley have a constitutional responsibility to do their job and ensure the rule of law. We hope they will start taking it seriously.”

Read the Grand Jury Indictment of Roger Stone here: