25 Ways Iowa Republicans Voted Against Veterans


2017 legislative session included Republican votes against veterans’ rights as workers, access to quality health care, and more

Progress Iowa today released a new research report, 25 Ways Iowa Republicans voted against veterans. The report examines votes cast during the 2017 Iowa legislative session, and the impact those votes had on Iowa veterans.

The research identified votes that were detrimental to Iowa veterans as it pertains to worker’s rights, Medicaid, blocking wage increases, homeownership for Veterans, as well as funding cuts to county grants, the Iowa Department of Veterans Affairs, and the Iowa Veterans Home.

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Veterans serving in the Iowa legislature issued statements addressing the votes cast during this year’s legislative session:

“Veterans deserve better than just kind words from elected officials. Veterans deserve good paying jobs, quality health care, and opportunities to succeed. Republicans like to pay lip service to taking care of veterans, however, many of their votes were nothing more than an attack on those who served our country. We must do better by our military families and for every Iowan.” -Iowa State Rep. Todd Prichard, Iraq war veteran

“As a veteran and as the Ranking Member of the Iowa House of Representatives Veteran’s Committee, I am concerned with the irresponsible actions taken that negatively affect our state’s veterans in this past session. The detrimental actions against veterans can be found in underfunding services to veterans such as the Iowa Veteran’s Home and by decimating collective bargaining rights for our public employees since veterans make up a considerable share of that workforce. Veteran’s Day is not the only time we should honor veterans. They deserve the best the state can provide them. Republicans in the legislature let down our veterans during this year’s session.” -Iowa State Rep. Jerry Kearns

“The cuts to the veterans home ownership program would hurt Iowa’s efforts to recruit and retain returning veterans and is counter-productive to the efforts put forth by the Home Base Iowa project. And when one out of every five public employees is a veteran, the attacks on collective bargaining passed this year were an attack on our veterans who continue to serve our state.” -Iowa State Sen. Bill Dotzler