Iowa Workers Overwhelmingly Support Unions In Recertification Vote


Iowa’s working families sent a clear message to Governor Reynolds and the Republican-controlled legislature today: we are not letting you take our unions away from us.

Iowans owe a thank you to every labor union who organized and turned out workers to vote in these elections, because when unions are strong, Iowa is much stronger.

After taking control of state government for the first time in nearly twenty years, Republicans went on the attack against workers and their ability to organize this year. One of the most extreme attacks forced recertification elections, including a provision that counted any absent vote as a ‘no’ vote. Even with those odds stacked against them, labor unions across Iowa fought back to protect their voice in the workplace, and today have won a resounding victory for working families.

At a time when too many families across our state are already struggling to make ends meet, it is more important than ever that workers have the ability to voice their concerns and maintain their union. Thankfully the vast majority of workers saw through the attacks on public workers made by Governor Reynolds and the Republican legislature, which only make it harder for nurses, teachers, correctional officers, firefighters, snow plow drivers, and other public employees to come together to advocate for their on the job needs and negotiate to protect their livelihood.

We expect that Republicans will continue their attacks against working families during the next legislative session. But hopefully today’s recertification results give them pause — it was made clear today that workers are prepared to stand together and fight back for their rights.