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Protect Health Care for Iowans: Contact David Young, tell him to vote NO!
DC: 202-225-5276 | Des Moines: 515-282-1909 | Council Bluffs: 712-325-1404 | Creston: 641-782-2495
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In the dark of night, Congressman David Young flip-flopped on health care. Young’s office has been telling constituents he would oppose the American Health Care Act (AHCA/Trumpcare) which would repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA/Obamacare), including gutting “protections for people with preexisting ailments, because it would allow states to waive the prohibition on insurers from jacking up premiums for them — a prohibition that’s called “community rating” — which could lead to soaring costs and many of them getting priced out of the market entirely,” according to the Washington Post.

Last night, Young flip-flopped:

The only problem? Young’s new amendment is a “total scam.”

This will be a defining moment for Young, who has flipped and flopped on health care repeatedly. Even if his amendment passes, “the bill still guts protections for people with preexisting conditions and rolls back health coverage for millions and millions of poor people.”

In addition to the gutting of coverage for those with pre-existing conditions, the AHCA would make sexual assault a pre-existing condition, remove hundreds of thousands in Iowa from receiving coverage, in addition to more than 20 million Americans, and there has been no determination made by the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) about the cost of the legislatio.
Fewer protections for Iowans, fewer Iowans with health coverage, and no idea how much it will cost. Call Congressman Young and all of Iowa’s delegation today, and tell them to vote no!

Here’s how to get a hold of each Member of Congress:

Congressman Rod Blum (1st District)
Constituents who would lose health coverage: 41,000
Phone Number in Washington: (202) 225-2911
Phone Number in Iowa: (319) 364-2288
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Congressman Dave Loebsack (2nd District)
Constituents who would lose health coverage: 43,800
Phone Number in Washington: (202) 225-6576
Phone Number in Iowa: (319) 351-0789
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Congressman David Young (3rd District)
Constituents who would lose health coverage: 45,400
Phone Number in Washington: (202) 225-5476
Phone Number in Iowa: (515) 282-1909
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Congressman Steve King (4th District)
Constituents who would lose health coverage: 40,900
Phone Number in Washington: (202) 225-4426
Phone Number in Iowa: (712) 224-4692
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